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LGR – Hologram Time Traveler – Arcade, PC, DVD Game Review


Whoa, freaking holograms! It’s time to get all futuristic up in here with Time Traveler, the holographic arcade game from Sega and the creator of classic Laserdisc game, Dragon’s Lair!

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  1. I watched my friend play this once. I didn't try it myself because I instantly realized that it was the same style of gameplay as Dragon's Lair, which I hated.

    The simulated holographic display amazed me. I knew it wasn't a real hologram, but it sure looked like one. Normally the trick to stuff like this becomes obvious if you look at it from the wrong angle, but no matter much I moved around, it still looked 3D.

    It's a shame that the graphics hardware of the time wasn't up to the task of creating realistic looking images, as I would have loved to have seen a traditional video game using that type of display.

    From poking around on the web, it seems that there's an emulator for the arcade version of this game. You need to own a copy of the DVD version and then rip it into a format that's compatible with the emulator. I don't know if it would be any more responsive than playing it on a DVD player, but emulating the arcade machine would at least allow you to feed an endless supply of virtual quarters into it so you could see the whole game. 🙂

  2. I gotta agree i played this in the arcade when i was a kid and this game was bad ass and amazing lol.

  3. Hey I recognize that arcade. I've played this (specifically this machine) and it's just too hard because your eyes hurt from staring at it for more than 5 minutes with the weird screen layout.

  4. The music from Kyrandia 2 was a nice touch. I love your videos as nostalgia crashes into me. Ahhh, the good 'ol days.

  5. Am I remembering wrong or was there a different arcade version that was sort of just a box on the ground with a sort of half cirle glass helmet on top and everything looked 3d.  I just remember it looking more 3d than this and I KNOW it was something that people could stand around and look at from any side.

  6. There's a funny purple wizard, with a bobbling head, that gave important hints on how to play the game.  Loved that character.

  7. I used to go with my parents to Vegas growing up (age 10-16) and those huge arcades back then in the casinos used to have this game and man was I blown away. Great review. Love Retroware btw, had no idea you were affiliated.

  8. I have played the arcade version a few times. It's pretty okay. Awesome looking, but like the video said, the game play is like Dragon's Lair and it's not too fun for me. I work at a place that had one of these cabinets, but parted out. I had a lot of fun setting it on fire. 🙂 My boss said the machine had a problem going out of order all of the time and it was a loss for him. He bought one of the first three cabinets to enter the US. $15,000 too much.

  9. I loved this game and dragons lair. they were way ahead of their time. dragons lair didn't have much
    functional quality but really games are just now catching up with it. there still isn't much to compare
    Time Traveler with except maybe oculus rift which I haven't even seen yet.

  10. Oh my god, I remember this game so well… My father got me the dvd version and I played the hell out of it. I hated the time reversal cubes, they fucking annoyed me because you ALWAYS NEEDED THEM…

  11. sega eventually uses the back projection and transparent screen (but still similar to hologram) for Miku live concerts anyway

  12. I remember spotting the arcade game once as a kid and almost losing my shit over the display.

  13. We can dance if we want to.
    We can leave our friends behind.
    And if they don't dance, than they're no friend of mine.

  14. Have you ever tried playing this on a Playstation 2 where you can use a real controller to play? These games tend to work well that way.

  15. Most arcades that I played, used a mirror to show the game. So the actual monitor was displaying an mirrored image. Of course those games didn't come with the 'hologram' gimmick. Games that are actually good don't need that crap. Don't know why they did that. Maybe that if a gamer got angry and decided to smash up the screen, all he did was damage the mirror. Of course that would be expensive too but less cost and fuss than having to replace an entire monitor.

  16. Was about £2 ago when I first saw this machine. It's why I and most others never bothered playing it. But I liked looking at it, it was unique.

    Then you played it and realised it was shit. I just went back to watching it only. The effect was fascinating.

  17. I tried this game once in the arcade and immediately recognized it was nothing but a coin muncher through and through.
    Walked away after my first credit.

  18. Holy Crap! I remember seeing this at my bowling alley back in the early 90's. It had a big Adults Only sign on it and we "kids" would get in trouble for just watching the demo reel haha! Great to see there are still working models out there! What a blast from the past to see this!

  19. Wow, I'd completely forgotten about this game. I remember playing it back in the day. It was cool looking, but, yeah, the novelty wore off quick because it was eating way too many of my quarters.

  20. The Luxor casino in Las vegas used to partner with Sega and they had a huge, and I mean multiple floors huge arcade with tons of Sega arcade games as well as others. I played this once, I was maybe nine or ten and I really liked the display but the actual game was not so good. Still, nostalgia.

  21. I remember seeing this thing at Wunderland when I was younger and being utterly amazed by it. So glad to see this so I know what the heck it actually was.

  22. Gotta Love Galloping Ghost Arcade for having those Cabinets preserved for folks to play……for like 2 minutes since its a novelty at best ^^;

  23. memories this was the first arcade game i ever played in the early 90s. petro truck stop

  24. I remember seeing this cabinet in Galloping Ghost arcade near Chicago. Sadly it was out of order.

  25. Is that Galloping Ghost you shoot arcade machine footage for your videos?? I live in St. Louis and want to make the trip up there just to check it out. Looks totally worth it! I miss arcades…

  26. I really tried to like this game, but it was just too much to take in! You had to stand in the exact spot to see what was going on. And the arcade that had it placed it next to a window…
    It reminded me of a crappy offshoot of Dragons Lair.
    That game was pretty good, but after the game got to the arcade, the laser disc started skipping and it was just too much for the owner to deal with, so it went away… LOL!

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