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LGR – Interstate ’76: Vehicular Combat Poetry [A Review]


In an alternate 1976 where the oil crisis only got worse, you’ve got a funkadelic dystopia where people have strapped weapons to their vehicles and spout poetry. My kinda combat racing!

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Music used is from the I-76 soundtrack.

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  1. hey LGR, would you ever consider reviewing the console spin-off series Vigilante 8, Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, and its even more Bizarre spin off Starwars: Demolition ?

  2. Weren't there also pure racing missions without weapons and on racing circuits in this game?

  3. Given Mechwarrior was a PnP rpg game licence, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that this was intended to be a Car Wars licence game, only for the license to fall through. The damage model & arming system felt very reminiscent of the PnP Car Wars.

  4. So… Basically that's Mad Max, except it takes inspiration from disco instead of punk rock.

  5. Did you guys play the recent Mad Max game? The desert wasteland and the vehicular combat is amazing, it constantly reminded me of Interstate '76, and how cool it'd be if someone (hell, even Avalanche since they nailed this part really well) made a new one with the same level of quality.

  6. Was there a second part of the game? I played a interstate but I guess it was not this one. I remember that song throughout the installation process. Songs where great and the whole art style of the game.

  7. to be honest graphics are still awesome even after so many years. for me one of the best games i've ever played.

  8. My all time favorite PC game. I still play this all the time. Also, best soundtrack ever in my opinion. I like me some funk.

  9. My all time favorite PC game. I still play this all the time. Also, best soundtrack ever in my opinion. I like me some funk.

  10. OH MY GOSH. I NEVER REALIZED IT WAS CAR MECH WARRIOR. I only played it briefly when I was a kid at a friend's house. They had a Pentium. I had a 486. No bueno.

  11. Given the graphical style, I'm surprised Dire Straits wasn't involved in the music for this.

  12. Oops! at 1:23 the installation options show '3D Accelerated' but this was not an option available in the original version of the game. It wasn't until March '97 when patch v1.081 came out that introduced an "enhanced" Direct3D version via DirectX 3. Eventually, when Nitro Riders/Nitro Pack came out, as well as the Gold patch (v1.2) did we gain 3D Accelerated options for 3Dfx Glide, PowerVR SGL and Rendition RRedline via DirectX 5. I can only assume you're installing the Interstate '76 Arsenal retail version. Otherwise, I'm interested how you have that '3D Accelerated' option during setup.

  13. God, I wanted to play this game so bad when I got it as a kid. It just wouldn't run on my system. Finally getting to play it via GameTap of all places was great.

    It's kind of the game I wanted Streets of SimCity to be. Mostly because you could actually see the weapons outfitted on the cars.

  14. I was a huge fan of mechwarrior 2, and Vigilante 8 for the N64. This game seems like the best of both

  15. I remember reading that this game directly lead on to BattleZone as they dev's wanted to do more with the engine but physics on the wheels took lot of cpu time. So they made a game with hovering tanks.

  16. I'd love to see them bring this back. As a massive mad max fan this game was right up my alley.

  17. I got this game in my 50 gallon bag full of computer games, but I can't get it to work on my rig. Shame that, I suppose I need to make a Windows xp computer to make this, and my many Beta games to work. I wonder if beta games from this time, on CDs have any inherent value?

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