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LGR – Iron Blood – DOS PC Game Review


Man, why hadn’t I heard of this one till recently? Iron Blood (aka Interrupt) is an awesome arcade action game from Korea that deserved more attention! Unironic bloodiness.

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  1. For any console gamers, Cybernator and Metal Warriors are similar games in style (along with many others, I'm sure!) It's something I meant to mention but it slipped through the editing cracks. Either way, Iron Blood still has enough unique aspects to remain its own game, especially for DOS.

  2. I knew about Ironblood from a PC Gamer demo disc but never heard of it since then (and I looked), and it was never reviewed by PCG either.

  3. rebel runners worth trying to contrast to iron blood. the cd I used to have had a folder in the disc with trailers and demos of other microforum games, like shakii, iron blood, and soultrap. weird stuff.

  4. THANK YOU CLINT!!!! <3
    I remember playing this one fucking years ago because somehow it had ended up on a freeware site, gamehippo.com if i'm not mistaken. Could never remember the bloody name of it.

    Time to hunt it down again and die a million times to a blue robotic ostrich that clearly thinks it's better than me, ahahaaaa!!

  5. have you heard about fallen haven and fallen haven 2 – Liberation day? A isometric "panzer general" like strategy game made by I-Magic. It is quite hard to find a copy – seems like it wasnt comercially successfull, but I could provide you with a legal copy.

  6. In case anyone is curious, the Korean logo for Family Production literally just says "Family Production" written phonetically in Korean.

  7. 1:40 – Maybe they had to rename the game to "Interrupt" because Korean censorship wouldn't allow a game having "Blood" in it's title to be published there?

  8. I wished there was more of the games' captured audio mixed with your voice when you talk. It feels a bit empty and detached without that.

  9. I always wondered if you ever reviewed this game. It was one of the very first computer games I ever owned/played and I LOVED it. It was hard for me at the time but once I got the hang of it, it was awesome. GREAT soundtrack too. The first level song is still burned into my brain permanently. XD I got this and a bunch of other great games on the cheap from a store here in Canada called "Liquidation World". Well, they must have liquidated someone good because I got Iron Blood, Xtreme G, Shogo, FX Fighter (A really fucky, impossible to get running right fighting game made specifically for 3DFX cards) and a few other for under $10. That was a good haul. Thanks for the great memories!

  10. If you're interested in more South Korean goodness, you should try and get your hands on a nifty little gem called Zyclunt (aka Blade Warrior) made by Phantagram in 1991. You liked Iron Blood? Well, Zyclunt plays almost the same AND also has mechas. You, however, play as a cyber samurai of sorts (I guess?) with a LASER BLADE. The demo was very popular from what I remember. Good luck finding a big box release, tho'. Never seen one, and google images brings no results whatsoever.

  11. I have a question about the game, are the power ups that you need to improve your mech temporary or do they stay after you collect them like level ups?

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