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LGR – Jill of the Jungle – DOS PC Game Review


Sometimes you just need a good ol’ action platform game to unwind. Mostly these were stuck in 16-bit console land, but not Jill! One of the earlier games with a female action protagonist, Jill is not to be missed.

Jill of the Jungle Trilogy for MS-DOS PCs

Also includes a little info on “Jill-inspired” games, like Onesimus, Xargon and Vinyl Goddess From Mars.


  1. Don't know which I found most strange. Onesimus sounding like Jill or Jill sounding like Michael Jackson.

  2. I didn't have an NES growing up, so this game along with Commander Keen, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure and Vinyl Goddess from Mars was my Super Mario Bros.

  3. While I do prefer pc gaming now a days, I just can't see how games like this could match up to Super Mario Bros 3 or Super Metroid. Any opinions on what was better for the time?

  4. I remember playing this as a youngster… but I didn't have a sound card at the time… and the video footage here is a LOT faster/smoother than I ever played it at back then. 😛 At least those VGA graphics stand out in my memory.

  5. One of my all-time favorite PC games! I remember playing the shareware version in 1992 at a friend's home and was instantly hooked. By 1995 I had my own PC and finally went ahead and ordered the registered version direct from Epic. I still have it and continue to enjoy it to this day 😀

  6. Gotta correct you at around the one minute mark: you didn't buy shareware games, you got copies from friends. Or they came preinstalled on your new PC, similar to today's preinstalled demos of antivirus/office/… tools. That was the whole point of shareware: it was basically a long demo for the remaining parts. You were actually encouraged to share it with your friends.

  7. I played many of those games, and yet have no recollection of how I came by them. I almost certainly didn't download them myself. I was completely oblivious to what went on in gaming at the time, and yet I had those games.
    I do remember playing this game a lot. I loved transforming, and that rising and lowering of platforms both for platforming, and as a sort of a level select. I still remember parts of the game, although I haven't played it in more than 20 years, closer probably to 25. Seeing this, I think I might play it again.

    Where did you get all of those games from? I myself know many more games than the average gamer, but I've never heard of most of those games. Especially those that weren't on PC.

  8. This game got me into DOS gaming. Well, that and Doom. I'll definitely check out the other Epic Games platformers that are kind of like Jill.

  9. I loved many of the platformers of this time, but Jill had a quality to it that others lacked.

  10. ….I've traveled far enough back into LGR's timeline to find a video in 4:3 ratio… my god, I feel like a timelord…

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