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LGR – King Arthur’s KORT – DOS PC Game Review


King Arthur has fallen and it’s up to his Knights of the Round Table to unite Britain! A shareware classic from MVP Software, with turn-based medieval combat and kingdom-building.

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  1. Please, for the love of all that is DOS, do a review of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures (Disk 213).  I had that game as a kid (no idea how I got it since I don't recall ever having the floppy… odd) and I had a hell of a time recalling the title of said game until I saw you casually flip past it.  I would consider it an immense personal favor and I'll send you every orange registration card I have collected over the years as reciprocation.  Do it.  Do it for nostalgia.. err.. my nostalgia.  Just type "SS" to begin.

  2. Is that music at the end of the video from The Sims Medieval? It sounds exactly like one of the songs in that game.

  3. Please please please review warlords 3. the one with the skull face cutscene guy that taunts you in the middle of the game. i have no idea why gog hasnt got it yet. Its my favorite strategy game of all time.

  4. G̵̯͓̖͓̝͗̒̿͗̉̑̇̚ͅo̸͈͕͚̯̼̟̳͕͑̌ͣ̈́͟ͅd̺̰̗͉̝͚ͤͪ̚̕͢ ̧̬̫̳̎̅̽ͧ̈́̽̂͊̀s̶͉̻͔͎̘͕̳̆͂ͧ͐ͮ̃͛̄a̛͓̭̰̜̥̝͍͋ͨ̀̄̈̔ͨ̀v̧̡̛̬̘̥̝̤̠̪̭̐ͥ͒e͓͎̻͉̣̖͚̹ͤ̂ͬ͝ ͔͉̼̝̼͇͐ͬͣ̊̽̄̅͝͞E̛̥̘̗͐ͪ̈͢n̔̔̀̂̔ͭ̎͏̘͎ͅg̰̪̊ͥ̆ͯͦ͞lͣͧ̄̀͏̳͎͎̗ͅa̰̰̍̐ͨ̓̿͞͠n̸͖̗̠͔͈ͣͫ̃̇̊̊͠d̴̴͖̝͙̥ͪͤ̐ͅ!̡̜̠̽

  5. I had completely forgotten the existence of this game until I saw this video. I played the hell out of this game when I was a pre-teen!

  6. Is KORT really supposed to mean "Knights of the Round Table"? Why did they include the first letter of "of", but not of "the"? Is that a common abbreviation?

  7. Do you know Jeane Dárc on Amiga? I think that was the Name..it was realy hardcore strategy mixed with arcade combat very nice back then 😉

  8. Greenville! I saw Cinematic Titanic Live! there a few years ago at the Pearce Center for the Performing Arts. I wonder how far away that was from wherever this "Shareware Source" office was.

  9. I made a hobby out of re-formatting those old readme files, removing carriage returns and properly spacing paragraphs to produce a much more printable manual.

  10. I'd love to see a review of Castles II sometime. I saw it on one of your shelves another time and it was probably my very, very young first experience to strategy gaming. Also, the original Stronghold game. Or not. Y'know, whatever floats your tabogan. Either way, love the channel — cheers!

  11. For me the first type of these turn based strategy games was Falklands on the C64. It had awefull graphics, but it was a lot of fun to play. Later I also found a copy of empire for the c64 and I played that alot. It wasn't until I got Civilization on the amiga years later that I played that kinda games again. (Though I also played Defender of the Crown on C64 but thats more of a mixture of different games styles as it also has more action based mini games.

  12. LGR Maybe you can help me. I have been looking for this game for a decade and a half now. I only had it as a floppy disk demo. But it is a global war game in which you can choose any of the countries and try to conquer as much as you can. The game had the whole worldmap, but built from small squares, each country had his own colour.

    The only units that were made were white tanks, and they were made at the major cities of a country. You would conquer a land if you occupied all of their major cities with one of your tanks.

    I have played it a looot, but it being a demo, it had a set amount of days. The most I have conquered was the whole west of europe with The Netherlands.

    Please can someone help me find this game???

  13. I played Defender of the Crown when I was a kid and holy crap did I suck balls at it lol

  14. I love the music, especially Johann Sebastian Bach's "Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor". Does any know the names of all the other background music used in the game?

  15. King Arthur's KORT. That's that kind of groan inducing clever that my friends all abandoned me for…

  16. The Defender of the Crown footage confuses me. There was never a VGA version released for MS DOS, was there?

  17. Oh! I see Severance: Blade of Darkness in the back there. Any chance you'll speak of that game?

  18. Hello sir. I'm not much active here on YouTube, but if you're willing to put in the time, I'd like to co-write and voice a collaborative review of one of my personal favourite DOS medieval strategy games. Castles II: Siege and Conquest by Interplay. I'd love to hear back from you on this! I also sent something to you on Twitter about it. Please get in touch with me if you're interested at all!

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