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LGR – My Best Retro PC Game Haul? Probably!


Big thank you to Jackson for sending these my way!
Dozens of fun and rare old-school IBM PC-compatible games here 🙂

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  1. Wilderness, yeah I had that one. So many of these though I have never heard of. Pretty great haul. This will keep LGR video's coming for a long long time.

  2. Do you actually play any of the games you get or you just like the thought of owning them and having them on the shelf? 😛

  3. Is it me or do those games seem kinda pricey? 39 Dollars for a game back then must have been a lot of money.

  4. I would love to see some text based adventure games! I had Eamon for the Apple 2 back in the bad and it was so fun, hilarious, and hard! Takes me back for sure.

  5. Yes, Ultima 3, the first computer game I ever bought and the first game for my newly acquired Apple //c in the summer 1985. Plenty of memories.

  6. I started filling up a little with a nostalgia boner when I saw Lords of the Realm and Spellcraft

  7. So these were the standard varsions of those videogame back in the day? Suddenly the "collectors editions" from now days seem like rip offs.

  8. The Knight Ore firebird game has a British Telecom 1980's logo on the box, that's interesting! (BT is/was the main UK Telephone supplier, kind of like Ma Bell in the US). Odd to see the logo on the game though!

  9. I played the hell out of The Black Cauldron when I was a kid. Please do a video on it someday

  10. Those awesome manuals are replaced by some mandatory in-game tutorials these days. I kinda miss going through them and read all about the game.

  11. Those Koei games were ridiculously popular in South-East Asia. Piracy was so rampant that Koei eventually dropped English ports, because they weren't selling enough to justify the costs. It wasn't until the Dynasty Warriors series that Koei paid more attention to English ports.

  12. I'll give you two million dollars worth of various wood grain products for your entire collection.

  13. sees Hitchhiker's guide box, has PTSD flashes ahh yes, my first ever video game. Frustrated little me to the point I nearly swore games off forever. I really should retry it though for shits and giggles now that I'm older and smarter and all that.

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