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LGR – Onesimus – DOS PC Game Review


Jill of the Jungle is a classic platformer from Epic Megagames. Onesimus is, uh, well it’s a Jill game without Jill based on some verses from the Bible. Eh.

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  1. I played this game as a kid. Even at the time I didn't think it was a very good game. Haha.

  2. I actually found this game at a Goodwill a couple years ago. Still shrink-wrapped in plastic.

  3. "Sell it to gullible religious types"

    Um.. Believing in a magical all powerful being who created everything with the only "proof" being a book written by humans. I think that encompasses all religious types 😡

  4. This game was so much fun that I installed and beat it multiple times EVEN THOUGH IT BRICKED MY COMPUTER WHEN YOU BEAT IT lol

  5. I'm Mormon so I'm all to familiar of how much these games suck. Thankfully I am allowed to play any thing that is not to violent now. Skyrim and dark souls are Great but doom(2016) is not. I have played the first doom though and I do like it. Also because of lgr I think I'm gonna ask for a dos computer for my birthday. Don't know what computer yet but I want early 90s. Any sugestions?

  6. Evry think connectid whit epic game .
    Is epic even the bible games .
    So i can triggerd some athiest on net

  7. They probably chose the story of Onesimus because his journey from Philemon to Paul isn't recorded. All we know is that he found Paul and Paul sent him back with a letter telling Philemon to treat him like a brother, rather than a slave. So, really, the entire game could be whatever the maker wanted it to be without needing to align with an actual Bible story. If they had used Joshua, Moses, David, etc, they would have needed to have it make sense along the way. It was an easy out… Still, I played the game as a kid and LOVED it – for the gameplay, obviously not the story. I am a Christian, and that's probably why my parents got it for us to play, but I never felt cheated. Sure, it was a cheap adjustment of another game, but the game itself actually holds up pretty solid for enjoyment. I have to agree about the Bible verses though – they interrupted the flow of the game, and should have let you skip them if you wanted. They could have easily incorporated Scripture in a better way… I actually differ from the reviewer in that I like Onesimus better than Jill. Not because it earned it; I know it stood on the shoulders of Jill. But because Jill being an earlier game understandably seems to have more bugs in it (to me, anyway). It feels more chaotic with maps, level structure, etc, while Onesimus's use of map/levels/music choices feels more natural. Yes, Onesimus didn't use all the animal magic stuff, which was neat; but I still liked it better overall.

  8. A Marxist revolutionary who took something that someone else made, then made it worse to pass off as his own product–that figures.

  9. I’ve been watching all his vids. By his I mean LGR. By LGR I mean “Large Glittered Reptilians.”

    ~flesh creature

  10. You missed the point about the ending my friend , he IS free !! 😀 Thank you for the great channel , God bless.

  11. I love that both Jesus and Satan are tied for the high score while all the other bible figures are jobbers at 100 points apiece.

  12. I grew up playing this game when I was younger. At that time I never had played Jill of the Jungle and I thought it was awesome, I still do. Also last I checked the game is classified as abandonware and is available for download on many archiving sites.

  13. Man I love that part of the bible where the floating running man shoots fireballs at Onesimus while Onesimus is trying to climb a chain to the top of the tower.

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