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LGR – Purple Saturn Day – DOS PC Game Review


Epyx and their “Games” games were quite popular back in the 80’s. But I guess they weren’t purple (or Saturn Day-ey) enough! That’s where Exxos’s PSD comes in, with all the galactic olympics a fan of campy sci-fi could ask for!

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  1. 2:42 You have successfully summoned The elder God Cthulhu, the Great Old One, High Priest of the Great Old Ones, The Great Dreamer, The Sleeper of R'lyeh. Press SPACE to continue

  2. For a "Lazy" game reviewer, you are a heckofaton more imformative than other youtubers ive seen.

  3. Y'ever notice that the S emblem at the bottom of the screen looks strikingly similar to the Screw Attack?

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