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LGR – Secret Island of Dr. Quandary – PC Game Review


One of MECC’s more unusual edutainment titles. Escape the clutches of the conniving doctor’s island, and return to your human form by solving logic puzzles!

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“Funky USB for LGR” by Quinton Mauney
“Howling” by Gunnar Olsen

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  1. I own a CD of it. No lie! It is in a box I store under my bed. However, I may be missing parts of the game. I might have skipped past them. I played it a lot when I was a kid. I did not expect it to be mentioned again. I thought it was lost in time, as it seems to Cry.

  2. -I'm stuck! Can't you just TELL me how to solve a pizzle?!

    It sounds like I'm the one who wrote the manual xP

  3. You're stuck in a doll's body!?
    What the hell? That's a good plot for a survival horror right there!

  4. there was an EdutaInment game I feel should have been there. it's Santa's Secret Valley. it's a fun game, really, but no one has ever heard of it.

  5. Wow, I played this as a little kid, I haven't thought of this in forever. It was creepy, but I liked it as a kid.

  6. I never thought I'd see a video of this game!! I was gonna do a lets play of a "mod" my friends and I made

  7. lol. i played this game back in middle school around the early 90s. Thx. this was bugging me. I could not recall the game. i just knew about the creepy doll,island, and carnival. i actually beat it. But i think u have to beat the other modes.

  8. I had Island of Dr Brain growing up sadly the 486 my parents got would not run it (froze up after the "tetris" puzle) No bbs service available so I never knew there was a patch to allow it to run on a windows PC (stupid Tabworks)

  9. Awesome channel, I love your content! I found you through a quick clip in an 8-bit guy video, and I'm really glad I did. This game was one of my favorites, and yeah it freaked me out and challenged me in equal measure. I think I still have the CD somewhere in my basement.

    Quick note to any viewer: this game and a lot of "abandonware" can be found on the Internet Archive. It's basically a DosBox emulator running in browser, and it's an awesome way to try a lot of these games. You can't save though, gotta power through or leave it open. Dr. Quandry is here:


  10. Can you play the Yukon Trail. I loved that game
    Also Oregon Trail II the best Oregon Trail
    Also Dinotopia

  11. I've noted the use of the term "logic puzzles" to describe EVERY puzzle be they logic or otherwise.

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