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LGR – Slave Zero – Computer system Game Evaluation


Large robotic and mecha online games ended up somewhat common at just one time, and Slave Zero was just one of all those that should not have been disregarded. At least not the Computer system match, the Dreamcast’s was lame.

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  1. I like the narrator's style. More so called 'youtube reviewers' should take note. Instead of just firing up a game and recording, not even knowing what the fuck you are doing as the viewer watches; erming and arring and cursing at your own n00bishness for 20 minutes on cam. Take some time to play and study the game instead, and then make a damn video, so it looks like you do actually have a clue, instead of forcing the viewer to endure watching how complete and utter shite you are at playing games.

  2. I'll have to check out the PC version. I had the Dreamcast version back in the day and it left a bad impression. Didn't realize it was such a downgrade.

  3. There's a lot of bonus content on the PC version's CD as well. Some of that concept art is excellent. Own it. Love it.

  4. Trivial story with lots of shooting…
    I can't believe that game failed. It would sell like crazy today. Were people different back then.
    LOLOLOl I remember this game – and yes the graphics were awesome!!!

  5. why are there no games like that nowadays ? the closet we got to this is Titanfall

  6. I can't help but feel this game would be great if it borrowed more from Evangelion & Big O & Mazinger whatever. It'd be a ton of fun if most of the levels were just epic boss battles. It'd be like Alien Soldier meets Rampage, but 3D.

  7. I have to say, I've never heard of this game. but it actually looks pretty kick ass

  8. I had no idea this was even a pc game, I played the godawful DC port. The worst part was yiu couldn't feel the sense of scale. I didn't realize I was giant for a while

  9. Can the original disk run on a modern PC or do I have to go to GOG?
    (i.e is there a fan-made launcher, sort of like what grim fandango got?)

  10. I have been coming back to this game on GoG but never got around to buying it just from base reluctance but having seen gameplay and armed with more information, I am sure I will enjoy this.

  11. I had this on both steam and gog, and really loved it! But I could never finish it because there was a game-breaking bug on the second-to-last level that would cause it to crash every time.

  12. I don't even know if mech games still come out, i remember Hawken and a new Mechwarrior coming out recently, alongside a remake of Cybernator recently but besides that, what else is there?

    Well, at least there is a sucessful kickstarter for a Battletech game which is something i guess.

    By the way, i know about Super Robot Wars, a series with many many many strategy games with robots, with one upcoming game to be released soon but those are Japan only, i believe only two were translated and released to America on GBA.

    Those really are mecha games and it's a series with lots of games but i don't know japanese so i don't count them.

  13. Nice game! Never passed throught the giant snakes destroying buildings boss. 15 years… I'm old!

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