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LGR – The Remarkable Equipment – DOS Computer Sport Review


Where else but The Remarkable Equipment can you fix physics puzzles working with bowling balls, guns, cats, monkeys on stationary bikes, and small men and women? Remarkable!

Get the video game and its sequels on GOG!

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  1. It was such a perfect game. The concept is immediately appealing, and you're right, it is timeless. Anyone who's seen Rube Goldberg machines or similar are pretty much enchanted and fascinated by them, at least to some degree, so a game around the concept is awesome.

  2. TIM was awesome and it's too bad that this type of game is not more popular (problem solving).


  3. There's a game out now called Contraption Maker, started and developed by the same people who made the original Incredible Machine. It's an official spiritual successor, not just a knockoff, so if you liked TIM then you might want to check out Contraption Maker.

  4. Man, this game was awesome! I also really liked the Incredible Toon Machine. Skeletobobbins, anyone?

  5. I loved the incredible machine so much I legit bought the disc version from my computer class teacher with a drawing I made on some old printer paper and went home and played the living crap out of it…

  6. I recognize this music from Lionel's 3D Ultra Train Town Deluxe. Think it was also a Sierra product

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