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LGR – Wacky Wheels – DOS PC Game Review


Like Super Mario Kart but not! Race go karts as a bunch of wild animals that turn into periscopes.
This wheely is a wacky game. ◉◡◉

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  1. I had a shareware version of this game when I was a kid.
    You couldn't play the later races in the shareware version unless you did badly in which the game allowed you to make up for your score in a later track.

  2. 1994. We had a Mario Kart clone that could barely work in our PCs and then shortly after that we had a game like Doom that could barely work on a SNES. How fast things turned around.

  3. I loved this game as a kid! I loved the sounds the other animals made as they passed you! Made it fun to be overrun! 😀

  4. OMFG I never thought I would see this again… I played this when I was very young, and had no clue what the name of the game was.. now when I see it… am all… heh :')

  5. I have so many fond memories of this game, even if the only version I got to play was the Shareware one, which only let you choose the Pelican as a playable character.
    Having found that there's an HD remaster on the works almost made me flip. Thanks for making my day.

  6. holy shit i played the shit out of this shareware back in 90's… but i had forgotten the name! Thank youuuuu

  7. I had the free version of this game. I didn't even know at the time it was a Mario Kart rip off, I hadn't played Mario Kart until much later. Nostalgia

  8. What about BC racers? Or am I thinking of another game since it was on the mac?

    Yeah, I am. I was thinking of Cro-Mag Rally, which was along with Bugdom, a game that happened to be hidden away on the Fruitmacs.

  9. every once in a while j could drive as one of the premium vehicles in the demo. No idea what the trick was, but I felt like a boss when it happened.

  10. We'd obviously need to see his contract, but pretty sure that paying for the use of equipment wouldn't be enough, so uncool as it sounds, chances are pretty good that they were within their rights to release a game that we built on their time/equipment.

  11. If you held in the fire button in Wacky Wheels you would eventually conjure up a icecube useable as a weapon, it blew my mind when I discovered it while playing against a friend back then.

  12. The 90's: when kids had to type (therefore knowing basic language skills) in order to play their games.

  13. I have a vague memory of the shark waving his arms, the demon butt and the periscope. Was this things present in another game?

  14. I remember playing this and Skunny Kart back in the day – like you, I was in the situation where my parents wouldn't buy an NES, SNES or other such consoles when we already had a PC that would play games… and go your taxes. Haha. That said, wow even watching gameplay for a few minutes here started giving me eye strain. How'd I play this for hours as a kid?

  15. This game brings back so many memories cos my BFF when I was a kid, her nickname was Wacky Wheels, I called her Wacky for short xD

  16. Remember playing both this and Skunny Kart against my friends on my 386DX-40 and latter 486DX4-100 … Skunny Kart had a horrible framerate, but in some cases was easier to navigate (yes, weird, I know…) …. I absolutely loved the soundtracks in both games as well.

    Ahhh, memories … nostalgia …. I really need to figure out how to create a retro-gaming laptop out of my old IBM Thinkpad T43 … If anyone knows how to create a bootable Windows 98SE USB Installation thingy, please contact me. The CD drive in the laptop is busted, everything else is perfect for Win98SE and MS-DOS 7.1 (included and works great with most dos games).

  17. Any game that had 2 player split screen for the PC was instant Good game 😀
    Good memories with my siblings and Wacky wheels

  18. I clicked on this video just for the heck of it, and went from, "This game looks vaguely familiar," to, "I totally recognize this and vaguely remember playing it as a kid!" very quickly. I really don't remember anything about it, but I think I may've purposely driven my kart into the water many times.

  19. My childhood game. Right there on the DOS, fucking loved it. Thanks LGR, for reviewing this. Didn't even know you had this in your archives, despite being subscribed for quite some time!

  20. I have distant memories of discovering the shareware version of this on the Duke3D CD when I was around 8

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