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Lincoln MKT Review | Consumer Reports


The distinctively styled Lincoln MKT’s optional ecoboost turbocharged V6 gives plenty of power, but don’t expect nimble handling. The posh interior is a bit cramped for the driver and in the third row. Learn more about the Lincoln MKT and other luxury cars on our web site http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. I think it's supposed to feel "ponderous" to drive, it's a Lincoln after all…as for it's handling, isn't this supposed to be a family people mover, not a sports car, so what do you expect from a luxury land yacht…come on.

  2. You forgot to mention that the rising beltline is UGLY. It's like a fat woman with huge hips. Lose/lose there. The gaping maw doesn't help, either. Other than the nicer interior materials, I don't see why anyone would buy this over the Flex.

    On the other hand, bad handling has gotten pretty damn good. There was negligible body role compared to a vehicle this size 20 years ago. It's good to live in the modern era.

  3. Wow…..what a biased worm. You could tell this guy was so uneasy driving the MKT because his personal car is probably a little BMW or an Accord. And don't dare mention that the Lincoln has the finest sound system in any car you can buy at any price. Yet another biased worm that has TOTALLY different standards when he reviews an American car. You'd never see a guy like this pick apart questionable head and leg room in a CRAMPED import…..NEVER.

  4. on EVERY car review I've ever watched (regardless of make or model) the steering never has enough "feedback". what the fuck do they want….an indy car?

  5. I just bought this vehicle a week ago… This guy is a schmuck! I weigh 250 pounds and am 5'11" and still find more than adequate room in the drivers seat. The MKT looks and feels great! The best test as far as suspension would be to run this guy over … I bet my next paycheck you wouldn't feel a thing … Then you can use the rear view camera to back over him! How's that for ponderous?!?

  6. Although this seems like a fine auto, I still can't believe Lincoln made this the official replacement for the Town Car, according to online reports. Since the reviewer here said you could still feel the bigger potholes in the MKT, & everyone who has ever driven a Town Car knows it's most famous feature is it's super soft ride..does the MKT offer a ride as good as the Town Car's when it comes to pot holes and bad roads? THAT will be the true test of whether people accept this as a TC replacment.

  7. Lincoln needs to kill this ugly car! Idk what they were thinking even allowing this to come out to the market. Well, that's why i've only seen 5 of them on the road since it came out. They learnt the hard way.

  8. we bought a 2013 and at first i was really not a fan but now that we have one and an ecoboost option to boot I am extremely happy. the thing has a damn cooler even with rear shades front and rear AC and heated seats not to mention the dvd head rests that are great for the kids.

    also in case anyone is wondering we do 50/50 highway to city and our average mpg with the ecoboost is 19.6mpg

  9. Why is it that this guy always downgrades american made cars? if it was like a Toyota or a foreign vehicle he would praise them… Hes a clown!!

  10. Its interesting that most people who own this car love it! It is a big car, but handles  great and I love it. Also he forgot to mention, it can parallel park itself!

  11. I rented one while in Houston TX a few days ago.  I actually liked it.  Of course it was only my wife and I; we had no need to use the rear seating.  However, it was a smooth riding vehicle.  Plenty of power with the twin turbo V6!

  12. I have mkt 2014 since I bought it gave me hard time , I had to change a lot of original parts finally I had a vacuumed leak which dealer mechanic still do not know how to fix it . Regret to buy such car , stay away from all American cars.

  13. I’ve read CR for decades. They most always downgrade American vehicles, sometime warranted sometimes not.

  14. Most of these experts are retarded, they expect massive vehicles to handle like a sports car. Even with the best of every feature they complain if a switch is not perfect.

  15. How low does it sit. SUV or car height. I need to know if I can slide into it or would no hafta squat down like a car

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