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LittleBigPlanet three – Evaluate


A new developer delivers a modern traditional to the PS4 for a future-gen stage of fun.

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  1. This is how you do a review, IGN. They gave LBP 3 a 6.8/10 for "game breaking bugs". It was the only game of the holiday season they didn't do one of their retarded "reviews in progress" for. What makes this even worse is that the game was fixed with the day one patch. As soon as people had it in their hands the problem was fixed. Halo; MCC is still broke, Assassin's Creed Unity's pervasive bugs weren't even mentioned, and COD: AW wasn't working at launch either. 

    It's annoying as hell because LBP 3 is pretty much better than the previous two games in every way. 

    Also "too much water"

  2. Dear GT I just wanted to say I have been watching your reviews since 2008 and you guys do the best reviews in my opinion. I have seen other reviews of IGN and GameSpot etc and I just couldn't take them seriously. Your reviews are more detailed and in depth.

  3. ABSOLUTELY LOVED LBP2. This game for PS4 is currently on my shelf. Can't play it because I don't have a PS4 XD

  4. This was the best review, IGN and Gamespot reviewers where in there period when they played this game for the review,I hate it when girl's are on the same cycle.

  5. Ive just started watching game reviews on this channel for both console exclusives and multi platform releases. Its a breath of fresh air to see a game channel focus more on whats good in these games as to whats not

  6. Rayman Legends is still the best paltformer available on Playstation 4. LBP 3 is close 2nd. There really isn't much competition, sadly. I acknowlege the indies on PSN and i enjoyed several of them a lot, but i usually avoid games that i can't have a hard copy of, unless it's really great, like Transistor, Dead State or Guacamalee.

  7. This game is bloody amazing, the platforming is as good if not better than Modern Mario games, another reason to never go by what the reviewers say.

  8. I love how people say 'oh why this guy the only person who can do a good review' just because they are butthurt that this game didnt get good reviews. The game had lots of bugs and glitches and ive seen youtubers like 'hikethegamer' who couldnt play online with friends without someones game crashing. Little big planet is a great franchise but this game is easily the worst. I would give the game a 7.5 out of 10. Its a good game but you dont get to use the 3 new characters that much and the glitches and bugs are a joke

  9. I'm more likely to get the Ps3 version due to having multiple controllers for it and only 1 for my Ps4. So I am curious what the diFFerences are between the Ps4 and Ps3 versions (other than the graphics and free online play)

  10. A level I made in the original LBP was used in a Sony UK National TV Ad. Thought that was awesome lol

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