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Google has made some big changes in their local business listing results and local search in general. These changes will impact local cults:
Google business listings:

Google local business listings potentially can appear in three (3 )places in the search results for Google:
Google Maps
With the organic Google search results.
Since Google owns the major share of local search traffic and organic search traffic both in desk top and mobile devices , it’s very important that local small businesses website and local listing rank well in Google in order for searchers to discover the business.
Get listed and that’s not always as easy as it may look. Sometimes;
it’s not possible to create a listing
One can’t get it verified easy
Multiple businesses in one location
It never goes live because it doesn’t make it through Google’s review and approval process.
Due to an issue on Google’s end, but;
More often, it’s because rules was violated one or more of Google’s requirements for having a business listing.
What Changed?

Old Local Business Listings:

Before the changes (8/6/ 2015) , Google search displayed seven local business listings ( 7Ps) on desktop computers when consumers searched for business in their geographical area. If consumers searched for “chines restaurant LA ” local business listings would display as a seven-pack (7Ps).
These seven local business listings displayed:
Name of the business
Website URL
Physical address
Phone number
Link to business reviews
Google+ Local Business page
Google map
These seven-pack (7Ps) listings appeared in the organic search results near the top of the Google search results pages, and companies appearing in the seven-pack generated lots of leads by gaining visibility on the first page of Google.Unlike Google Adwords, where business owners pay to get their listing on the first page of Google, seven-pack listings are free.
New Business Listings

On 8/6/ 2015, Google has changed the seven business listings (7Ps) to three business listings (3Ps) on desktop computers.
The new desktop computer format, known as the three-pack (3Ps), does not show physical addresses or phone numbers. It shows;
Number of reviews
Website access
Direction access
The new mobile devices;
Phone number is not displayed, but there is a button to call the business.
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