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Logan (2017) Movie Review


Hugh Jackman returns one last time in the Wolverine movie fans have long been waiting for.

All the Best X-Men Are DEAD!:

Logan Teaser Trailer Analysis, Secrets, and Easter Eggs – IGN Rewind Theater:

Logan (2017) – Official Teaser Trailer:

Logan (2017) – Trailer 2:

Logan (2017) – Super Bowl TV Spot:

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  1. I am a fan of X men, have them all in Bluray but this movie Logan is garbage.
    Marvel messed up the whole thing.
    As same as killing Superman.
    What a load of drek.

  2. This movie is masterpiece. It's better then all x-men movies combined. It should have been called X-Men: The Last of Us.

  3. I am speechless on how amazing and brilliant this movie was, blew my mind, 10 out of 10 in my opinion. And by far the best Marvel movie ever made.

  4. I really appreciated the movie and i think its pretty good one of the best superhero movies so far but still, a 9.7 score is to high in my opinion. 8 would be fair as the movie also had weaknesses. Everything about 9 should only be given to almost perfect movies

  5. This movie depicts your last lonely days on earth we're almost all your friends are dead and you have no family member. You are only a shadow of what you used to be, it's pretty sad.

  6. Reallyyy was so damn good.finally a comic book mvie with a great script after dark knight trilogy

  7. It's not based loosely on Old Man Logan. It's just a similar tone and Logan is older.


    Gabriella, while recording her video, had a hidden camera on her clothes. Then she recorded her voice narration with her phone. And finally she put all clips with her voice together in Windows Movie Maker 2.6

  9. Pretty sure even the MCU can't do better than that! This is pretty much as breathtakingly good superhero movies can get.

  10. By far the best movie so far of 2017 and one of my favorite movies of all time. Everything about this movie is great.

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