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Logan Movie Review


Our review of Hugh Jackman’s alleged final outing as the Wolverine, James Mangold’s Logan.

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  1. Logan has the GORIEST child character in history of cinema. Sorry Regan and Kevin McCallister.

  2. "What you are about to see here is illegal in the u.s." Sais that while pointing at herself, who happens to be Mexican during these ironic times. I got a giggle out of that. ? don't get me wrong I don't care if anyone's illegal or not you're here welcome to me, just funny still.

  3. idk… i was disappointed… but i really didnt like most xmen movies anyway… so i guess i'll just be in the minority…

  4. Have not seen Logan the new movie. All marvel films are excellently created. At least 4.9999 stars. If not 5 stars.

  5. SPOILER ALERT (maybe) – Great review! Regarding the continuity, if this is indeed in canon with the other Xmen films, doesn't that mean those previous films were all for nothing if the Xmen have no lasting legacy? Seems like any new film that takes place before Logan now has a foregone conclusion, which would suck.

  6. The reals antagonists were time and the consenquences of our actions and our existences.

  7. I just saw it in theatre and as fast i went home i thought: man' screen junkies gotta love this movie its sooooooo AWESOME!

  8. In regards to Roth's quibble, the only accent that bothered me was Boyd Holbrook's, which Spencer describes well here, but I was mildly bothered by the way the farther they went in the movie, the less the geography of the filming locations and the story locations matched up. It's not a big deal, but I always pay attention to the geography, and there are people from a certain state who will laugh at the mountains that magically grew there.

  9. This may be a stretch, but I would consider Dafne Keen the best child actor I have ever seen. Also, I would consider this one of the few superhero movies that didn't need a perfect antagonist; however is a physical threat to Logan in this film is just an evil force that represents a crueler and less tolerant government that offers no apologies. The world is dangerous for our main characters, and the villains are just a small part of it.

  10. He aged and was being poisoned by the adamantium skeleton. In this timeline Magneto didn't remove the metal.

  11. Are you guys certain that "this movie wouldn't exist without deadpool"…? I've heard that the decision had been made and production began before the release of deadpool.

  12. i cried watching it. it was pretty heartbreaking seeing Prof X & Logan in this. girl that played X-23 was great too. and i don't even like X-23!

    10/10. Thank you James Mangold & Hugh Jackman!

  13. SPOILERS; I was thinking it would be cool if instead of having the leader kid be Rictor they had it be Magneto's son, Magneto's been arrested and in the government's hands twice (I'm assuming Rogue having the streak means that the events of X-Men happened and Magneto got arrested) now so it would make sense for them to have his DNA. Then he could have pulled the adamantium out of X-24 and killed him that way, I thought the adamantium bullet was a little silly and it would have let us see a version of that moment from the comics. Plus, he could have then stripped the metal from Laura's claws, keeping her from getting sick one day and showing us that she was set on a better path, one with less violence, that she wouldn't become what they made her to be.

  14. You never mentioned that the Main Idea of Logan as character , even in comics, is TO DIE, hes obsessed with that idea for all what he suffered being immortal in some point.

  15. I liked the movie. I HATED the soundtrack. Especially in the last scene in the woods? Awful choice of music and totally ruined the scene for me

  16. Logan's telomeres finally got too short after all those years of kicking ass, and he began to progressively lose his healing factor. Then he also learned that without his healing factor, he was being poisoned to death by his adamantium skeleton. By the end, he was diseased and completely unable to use his powers without the use of performance enhancing drugs. Even so, he managed to die in the most epic way possible by protecting the next generation of mutants while they scrambled for safety. He ended up receiving the most badass X-Men burial of all time thanks to X-23. And Logan was finally able to find peace. Hugh Jackman you are a legend and nobody will be ever be able to replace you in this role. Thank you for an awesome childhood.

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