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In a world of an unknown X-Men timeline continuity, Logan and Xavier must protect a little girl being hunted by an agency. Get ready for some rated R Wolverine as we’ve always wanted! Here’s my review of “Logan”!

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  1. How is the professor even a thing in this movie when Phoenix disintegrated his ass is x2

  2. I'm kind of sad that I can't find a single review on Youtube that specifically reviews the black and white release. That was amazing. And I have to say, once I saw it that way, I can't go back. It looks so beautiful and really fits the film. Anyway, until then, I'm the only person I know of who specifically wrote a review for Logan Noir.

  3. Logan in this movie was like a mix between Joel from the last of us and max Payne

  4. This movie rocks! Hugh was everything from funny to badass, I mean he never loses it. Everything seemed to fit well including the inclusion of X-23 and 24. Sadly it's the end of the road for Hugh in the series and hopefully Laura will give us just what we expect in the future. I'd give this movie a 9/10 for it's fantastic blend of thrilling action and emotion throughout. Very interesting and original. This time they didn't have to include a whole bunch of villains and heroes to get the story moving smoothly and perfectly. Though a few scenes were a bit simplistic, it was generally over the top!

  5. I seen it, (hell I own it on Blu-ray) and I 100% agree, Logan is….. Awesometacular.

  6. I think what kept pulling me out of the experience that everyone seems to be having is that all the bad guys are morons that are tasked with bringing them in dead or alive yet have hold ups against shooting the kids that are killing them. I just ended up disliking the movie as a whole in the end.

  7. I loved every minute of this movie! I've been watching hugh jackman as logan since the 2000's and he could never be replaced, even if they have a new movie. Hugh Jackman will forever be my wolverine! This ain't no toby maguire,andrew garfield, tom holland type shit !

  8. Buy it on Blu-Ray, it's good but some characters were poorly introduced and (like Deadpool) has a simple story that has been done a ton of times

  9. The x-men team will now continue to exist in those small mexican children….mexican-men

  10. As far as I'm concerned, Logan is right there with The Dark Knight as the best Super Hero movie ever made. Logan is way more emotional though.

  11. So far the Awesometacular Movies in 2017—>LOGAN, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, John Wick: Chapter 2, A Monster Calls, & Hidden Figures

  12. I was close to tears at the end of this movie and only 3 movies before this one made me cry. Up is not one of them

  13. Patrick Stewart is such a good actor and …. i donno, he feels like he can be everyone's grandfather, or a teacher. I wanted to hug him 🙁

  14. #TheDarkKnight The whole movie basically held on the Great Story, Direction And Heath Ledger's Perfomance nothing else……….While many people want to deny the fact or accept that #LOGAN Is A Masterpiece in everything including Everything Screenplay, Cinematograohy, Story, Dialogue's, Acting Perfomance, Direction, Character Portrayels, Background Score in every terms of that #LOGAN is far much better PERIOD movie and a Comic Book film than #TheDarkKnight no offense #TheDarkKnight is my 2nd favourite

    1. #LOGAN (Western Genre, Reality Perfection Based Comic Book Film)
    2. #TheDarkKnight (Crime Drama, Reality Perfection Based Comic Book Film)

  15. I just saw the movie, and…, I literally have nothing to say other than it was a powerful and depressing movie. I doubt I'll watch it again though. Still, if this was really the last time Hugh Jackman the role (assuming there's no reboot in the future and call him again), then it was a hell of a way to end his character.

  16. Just saw this movie and wow! The ending was so emotional and the action was brutally savage!!

  17. I honestly thought this movie was total shit ,just good acting but plot trash like no serious opponents, bunch of autistic children destroying everyone

  18. Anyone else find an interesting link between Logan and The Last of Us (Joel and Ellie)?

  19. People claim that this movie is anti Trump, but idk how. Logan is hardly the first X-Men movie where the mutants have been wiped out, Days of Future Past anyone? The world seemed pretty normal, except of course for mutants. And that fucking practice with the mutant kids was noted as being illegal in Canada and the United States, hence why they were in Mexico. So, if the goal of this movie was to be anti Trump, James Mangold failed.

  20. I think this movie is pretty much perfect. Literally. My only complaint is best addressed with my personal comparison with The Last of Us. In the Last of Us, Joel and Ellie's relationship goes from the two pretty much hating each other and grows to a bond that of a father and daughter. Much like James and Laura in Logan. Except in The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie are given more screen time and storylines to grow believably, so that when the two finally truly care for one another it feels earned and undeniably satisfying. Logan on the other hand could have used a few more scenes fleshing out Logan and Laura's growing bond in my opinion. Because by the time the film reaches its heart-wrenching climax, (spoilers)…
    Logan went from sacrificing his life for Laura and her calling him "daddy" just a few dialogue and action scenes after Logan pretty much telling her that he was done with her. It felt rushed. But it still got me. I teared up like a fucking homo. Honestly in my eyes it's a minor complaint that doesn't overshadow how incredible this movie is. I'd give it a 9.75/10.

  21. dude i loved logan am i the only one thay felt like they couldve made the fight with logan and x24 a little more legendary i say let logan show x-24 who the real wolverine is loved it all around though R.I.P. Wolverine you are a one of a kind and passing the torch to X23…and TY Hugh jackman for being the faces of one of the greatest super-mutents ever!!

  22. The movie is bad as bad can be. I can't believe after such a great movies they made him die in such a bad movie!!! Pls don't spend a cent on it

  23. it is a awesome movie but it is sad that wolverine died but i'd rather have them kill off the character than have another actor ruin what hugh jackman created. but think of it this way if they make another x-men movie from apacolypse he is still alive and hugh can at least cameo wolverine

  24. Damn sad movie. The professor Xavier is dying, and has Alzheimer. Sometimes Xavier has spells, which kills hundreds, which if he remember he cries. Logan is poisoned, so his super healing power is just letting him die slow, and painfully. Almost all the mutants are gone, and the few who are left, no one cares about. The powers that be, have bred another batch of super children, which most are slaughtered. A group of nurses try to save the children, but are butchered. Logon is cloned, which a mindless murdering animal. Logan is only trying to save the Xavier best he can, as homeless man living in his car. The powers that be, have taken a sample from Logan, produced a child, Logan's child. He doesn't care about his own child, he tries to let her get caught, and killed. The Professor begs Logan to save the child, he does, just to please the professor. A poor, but honesty family tries help the Professor, Logan, and the little girl, but are slaughtered worst than animals. Logan's clone kills the professor. The professor thinks he killed by his best friend. The children think there is this safe place for them, Eden, but Logan abandons them to make their way on their own. The are caught, and being killed, Logan can't stand the sight of dying children, and tries to help them, and killed by his own clone, which save Logan from killing himself. The clone is kill buy a special bullet, which Logan was going to use to kill himself. Logan knows the dream of Eden is lie, there is no safe home for the very last of mutant kind, and children wander off looking for a lie. Fun movie.

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