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Lost Dimension (PS Vita/PS3)| Gamma Review


A Review Copy Was Provided by Atlus USA
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Written Review:https://gaminggamma.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/reviewlost-dimension-a-true-hidden-gem/
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  1. Well done review. Now i'm interested in this game and know it's small downsides. As a tech freak i'd like to hear about the two main graphical topics that PS Vita owners are concerned about, too: How high is the framerate and is it in PS Vita's high, native resolution or in a low, downscaled resolution? The in-game visuals look great, very clean, colorful and detailed. You can see that they didn't just use one of the PS Vita standard game engines.

  2. This review was really good at hooking my interest in this game! It reminds me of a few series I like, and the plot sounds cool. o: Dang, I wish I had a vita for games like this.

  3. Oh cool! Thanks for the review I just subscribed to you a minute ago . I watched some of your videos abd your really good . I'm also a youtube gamer but I started a month ago. Thanks for the review I was considering to play this game or not but it's really interesting ^^

  4. Wow dude, this review is AMAZING. Really glad I checked you out. I plan on getting it for the PS3. (So I'll be able to record it and do my own review. šŸ˜› )

    Especially the traitor feature. I really like how you went into that. I was wondering how I was gonna figure out the traitor! Can't wait to play. My only thing is you may wanna slow down just a bit as you speak really fast and I had to go back and listen again. Overall, great work!

  5. Looks very fun. I might have to look for this one. A buddy of mine recommended Zero Escape, alsoĀ a visualĀ novel style game.

  6. The gameplay would be enough for me, but the traitor mechanic in the story sounds very interesting, despite the flaws. Gonna check it out, thanks for the review

  7. Saw this game at a backyard sale for a few bucks. Wasn't sure (even though it was super cheap) so I looked for a quick review. I ignore IGN as they are biased and compensated by developers. Thank you for this review. And the game is awesome.

  8. Man, You reaally deserve more subs, i always Saw your reviews because they are awesome and complete!

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