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Lousy Hotel Apple iphone Gameplay Critique.
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  1. Your brain has an issue with abstraction, it would seem. Hopefully that will improve growing up.

  2. This isn't an 8-bit game. This game is very much in tune with Japanese esthetics which are often more abstract and empty compared to Western tastes. Just think of those old ink drawings.

  3. Don't confuse Japanese style with anime or manga. Read up on Japonism. Look at how it has influenced art and video games (e.g. Kirby). The visual language has become so commonplace that you don't recognise it as being Japanese anymore.

    Basically anything with a flat background, pure forms and little detail can be traced back to Japan. Western art has always been about detail.

  4. Interesting theory, Andrew, but I honestly don't see it. What makes you conclude that? Art deco is more elaborate and uses strong bold lines and compositions.

    Keep in mind that Japonism isn't a style, it's a term used to mark a Japanese influence on Western arts. Just look at those clouds, they look like Kirby (00:26)!

  5. There are many reasons to conclude as such: The implied time period 20s/30s ; the design work reflects that of posters in the style ; Deco motifs are expressed in the base hotels, imitating famous buildings in the process. The bold lines and compositions are there – they're just zoomed out thanks to the unfortunately small display; take a look at up-close screenshots and you can make out the detail that makes it almost unmistakable 🙂

  6. Indeed, some up-close screenshots show art deco elements in the hotels and backgrounds. It seems they drew their inspiration from several sources.

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