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Love by Leo Buscaglia


“To cheat oneself out of love is the most terrible deception; it is an eternal loss for which there is no reparation, either in time or in eternity.” – Kierkegaard

This is a book simply about LOVE. “A learned phenomenon”.

It is not deeply philosophical nor complicated. It is a simple, easy read that is intended to be shared not just in words, but in actions. It is about daring to expose oneself. To be vulnerable and to give without reservation or expectation.

I picked up this book in January 1984 and carried it and read it over and over through the years. It brought me great joy and great hope during a time where I was young and feeling rebellious, invincible and strong. At 22, I felt as though this was the greatest book I had ever read. It was the right time in my life for me to explore, to learn and understand what love meant to me. While, as far as I know, it never won any awards, I loved it then and I still love it now with it’s yellowed and curled pages.

Now about Karma; although he does not use that word in the book, he does discuss the way love gives back when we kindly give to others. How what we do in this world will be mirrored back to us.

Leo was a University professor by profession. He had an idea for a new class to add to the curriculum. He wanted to introduce a university class on “LOVE”. When he pitched his idea to the dean, and with much discussion it was accepted, (after much criticism), but only if he did it on his own time, without load credit and without a salary. The idea seemed ridiculous to the other professors. He ignored the ridiculing and forged ahead with this great idea. The idea was not embraced by many students but slowly and steadily, enrollment increased. It had to be eventually capped at 100 students.

These were students of all ages interested in “Love Class”. They shared ideas, feeling and observations that was relevant to the human condition. Although they were never really able to define love, one student did come up with a wonderful explanation:

“I find love much like a mirror. When I love another, he becomes my mirror and I become his, and reflection in each other’s love we see infinity!”

There are those that dismiss love as a naïve romantic concept while others find love all encompassing and the greatest, deepest feeling that is meant to be given away.

Have a read and you decide.

I loved this book.

By Silvana Rosati-Capizzano

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