Home Game Review Mad Catz latest wireless Steering Wheel review for the Xbox 360

Mad Catz latest wireless Steering Wheel review for the Xbox 360


First impressions of the Mad Katz wireless Wheel playing Forza 4

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  1. lol I love how this started out as a wheel review and kind of ended up being a Forza 4 review lol still I enjoyed the video.  In the market for a new wheel.  I've had a Mad Catz MC2.  It broke on me.  The d-pad stopped working so interface stuff became impossible along with the wheels don't come with enough buttons as it is.  Then bought a Microsoft Xbox 360 Force Feedback Racing Wheel and it ended up breaking.  A small, thin piece on the paddle shifter snapped on both sides.  I fixed it once but the second time was deadly.  So, now I'm in the market for a better made wheel with less plastic and more metal, AND DEFINITELY A 1 – 2 YEAR WARRANTY!  Depends on what games you play…  Forza is very hard on a force feedback wheel, along with the F1 series and Dirt, but without force feedback those games are less hard on the wheel itself.  Still, too much is made from plastic these days and without a warranty you are setting yourself up to do what I did and spend too much money on things that won't last.

  2. Have you tried plugging it in, I know you don't really care about force feedback … But, this is basically the Microsoft racing wheel, and for that wheel you had to plug it in in order to have force feedback.

  3. Is there any game out there that has a steering wheel with gas pedal , brake pedal and a clutch pedal with a real life shifter not this simulated paddle shifter crap???

  4. Hello, I have a question about the Madcatz steering wheel (the one with FFB) will it drift? Is it easy to drift with?

  5. i have one with force feed back and i cant play bc my always auto adjusts and i can play with out forcefeed back bc i hate the wireless do u know how to fix it

  6. This is an excellent wheel◔◔>share4.photo/MadRaceWheel?ёѠ I've had other brands and gave them away or returned them. The ability to calabrate the wheel it self and not the game is one of the best features it has. The pedals react to the amount of pressure and the lighted LCD on the wheel enables you to see houw much pedal to the medal you have. The brake is real sensative and helps in controlling your car. It's a comfortable to use sitting on your legs or on a table. Highly recommend.

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