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Mad Max PC Game Review


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Mad Max is a third-person action-adventure vehicular combat video game set in an open world environment and based on the Mad Max film series. It is developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It was released on Linux, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 1 September 2015 in North America and United Kingdom, 2 September 2015 in Australia, 3 September 2015 in New Zealand and 4 September in Europe.

Announced at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the game was “retooled” during development, and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions were cancelled due to their hardware graphical limitations. Originally set to be released in 2014, the game was later delayed to 2015, making it one of the four titles to be released during Avalanche Studios’ “biggest year since its inception” in 2003. The development of the game was handled by Avalanche Studios in Sweden, while another project, Just Cause 3, is being handled by Avalanche’s division in New York.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, which features terrains like canyons, caves, and deserts. The game’s story is standalone, and was never planned as a tie-in of any of the films in the series. Inspirations for the game were taken from the Mad Max universe instead of the films. Players control Max Rockatansky as he progresses through the wasteland to seek his lost car, the Interceptor, and to build his ultimate car called the Magnum Opus. The game’s narrative and story will also be more “mature” than other titles developed by Avalanche like Just Cause.

The game puts heavy emphasis on vehicular combat, in which around 60% of the game requires the player to drive their car to fight against enemies. Vehicular customization is also featured in the game. Avalanche Studios found developing a vehicular combat video game “a challenge” due to their inexperience in creating a game of similar style.

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  1. Fully agree, the game is gorgeous visually, but the combat in general sucks and the progression is just way too slow to be fun. Too much grind ruined what could be a great game. Also, why are the upgrades for max concerning ammo etc. so limited? And why is there no knife that never breaks?

  2. I finally got around to playing and finishing this amazing title and I vehemently disagree with this review. Talk about being way of base.

    Many of his complaints are present early in the title, but by mid to late game aren't issues at all, which makes me wonder if he ever finished it.

  3. Just from hearing you complain about scrap i can tell you rushed through the game, if you took the time to do everything you would be collecting mad loads of scrap from the first territory when i completed the first territory i or ready had most of the upgrades and scrap was rolling in from projects and bases i had taken, also surviving a storm can see you get 1000 scrap its insane

  4. Couldn't disagree more. One my favorite games. If you rush this game you will not enjoy it. And the ending is one of the best endings I ever experienced.
    You feel the hair raises on your back sending shivers down your spine as you will avenge your loved ones

  5. Maybe it played better with a controller. I thought the combat and driving was epic. Absolutely loved this game even though it was a bit repetitive.

  6. At first play didnt like it but i didnt do justice to it.Play it again but this time forget how other third person games play and you may change your mind.Its different in a vary good way.Sadly we will not get a sequel,but then again they made a Rage sequel so anything is possible

  7. even though the game looked really beautiful and was fun most of the times if ignoring majority of side objectives (the sand storm I would consider the coolest part off the game). But if your looking to 100% this game, prepare to suffer which is the mistake that I have made thinking it would be fun to do so. Every objective is painfully the same with similar looking locations within the objectives your doing with very little variation to make it look interesting. Try and replaying it yourselves, I bet your opinion will change if you have to go through the same experience again through the grind and monotony. Red Faction guerrilla i find is a lot more fun when it comes to replay value than this game.

  8. I’m absolutely stunned. I came here expecting a blushing recommendation, but instead get a vicious beat-down of one of my unexpected surprise hits. Your arguments are valid about the melee combat and car combat, but I think your mistake was not approaching these skirmishes with a plan of attack and the adaptable skill that the game teaches over time. It may be that you’re saturated by a plethora of games that do it better or that you rushed through it (you have said so yourself that you tend to finish games quickly). It’s a game that you learn and get a groove into that isn’t just something you can pick up right away. I do agree that the scrap scouring is tedious, but it’s meant to get you to travel around the whole map. If it gave you all the scrap you needed in the first 5-6 hours then the rest of the game would lose its challenge and would really be pointless to finish. Also I remember being able to get the essential upgrades I needed at steady times throughout the campaign. There’s no need to get every upgrade available immediately as soon as they’re available. Get the engine upgrade, exhaust upgrade and maybe a defense upgrade and you’re good for awhile. Just my two-cents and I always enjoy your stellar vids Gman. Keep it up!

  9. with the amount of girding for parts i consider us lucky they did not cobble some kind of lot box or dlc options to cut down the grind , maybe thats was the original idea & they changed their mind ? , possible

  10. 4 years later…While I appreciate that you always grab the monkey by its balls, I think on this one you went a little bit too subjective… Don't get me wrong, this is not a perfect game and it has a lot of potential that was never fully used. However, taking down conveys was fun AF (it does become repetitive at some point and when your magnum is fully upgraded its super easy) and I had my magnum opus leveled up fairly quick…so honestly…not sure what you were doing to struggle so much for parts…? Also, while not perfect ( but what really is?), the car mechanics and game play are pretty solid and accurate for the most part… what game did you use to compare it to because, I haven't played a game that is similar to this which has better car fight mechanics (not saying that there isn't). As for the melee combat, you are most definitely right. While similar to the Arkham series, it is not even close as refined. Overall good game, and definitely the best interpretation of Mad Max in the game world.
    So chill your pants Sunny Jim, must have been a hot day Down Under 😛 😉 🙂 Still fun to listen to your reviews though !!!

  11. after seeing the comment section i feel like i’m the only one who hated this game. it was way too repetitive for me and felt like another boring open world game

  12. So '"Bruce" don't like it? OR maybe cought/played onna' bad day?

    Still waitimg on an open world Game with driving/kicking around in Denmark 😀

  13. This game was super fun but honestly i think it was a bit too grindy. After a while youre just doing the same thing over and over and over and over

  14. I loved this game, but I think its gotten so many varying opinions because a lot of people go into the game expecting the game to be all about the main story and Max as a character. The truth is that, like Road Warrior and Fury Road (I haven't seen Thunderdome as I've heard awful things) the game is all about the world with Max being a vessel for the viewer/player. I'm on my second play through and I've noticed how when you look closely at nearly every single location in the game world, there is so much detail to be admired. It feels like everything has a story to it that you can piece together…still greatly disagree with basically everything in this review though.

  15. I got this game at a very cheap price on steam last week. Honestly, I would prefer playing this game rather then any of the recent "live service" crap. at least all the content you get in this game is stuff you unlock by playing it rather than paying for it.

  16. I'm here from the future. I got the game for 10 euro this week. It's fantastic fun if you're in no rush to finish the main story.

  17. WTF this is one of the best games i have ever played, and i basically played all the games that you reviewed.

  18. Hey this game might not be perfect but i legitimately enjoyed most of it. Kinda was adicted to play more and unlock more parts for my car.

  19. I enjoyed mad max but from everything i keep hearing the biggest reason i did was i used a controller the entire time. I see people regularly complain about the keyboard control and even someone made a mod just so you could walk of all things.

    Do agree car controls feel sloppy, and no handbrake option? The fuck?

  20. Completely disagree. This was my first game I played when I built my PC and I loved it. I had no problem upgrading everything at all before the game was even finished. Maybe you just suck at games.

  21. Car combat is pretty good, can do a lot even with grappling hook. If you upgrade the car it also rides a lot smoother, clear a region after region, and parts come in a pretty good rate, get two or three regions to clear green and get full health, water and ammo when fast travel back to those castles. Also there is enemy cars that are full with scrap, bring those back to base to get even more scrap. In combat to cancel any attack, just roll out of it. They made a pretty interesting world there, and it is fun to explore. Take your time.

  22. First ever dislike I gave to you and I'm watching your videos for a long time. For a movie adaptation game is pretty dam good. One of the few games I played till the end.

  23. Most of these gripes sound like they are coming from someone who isn't particularly good at the game

  24. i personally enjoy the game alot the combat has alot of impact which i love but i find it gets too eazy later on

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