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Madea Goes To Jail Review


Old-fashioned yet fearless; a badass matriarch – these are a few phrases that portray Madea; however, what depicts her best is her exaggeratedly proper dressing sense matched with a machinegun mouth. She is the latest soul operetta of Tyler Perry; as mischievous as the title promises, but somehow Mades goes to jail turns out to be both weary and unamusing; just who’s interested in knowing what an attorney is all about? Agreed he does a great job – he goes out for saving a sex worker (an ex-college buddy of the attorney), swatting away in the process all objections from his fiancée.

A soggy tale about racism and class-consciousness that Madea deals with far more efficiently and entertainingly; thanks to her church-lady-from-hell image accompanied with matching remarks. That imparts a feel of Schizophrenia overall, though Madea Goes To Jail brings together a few glum street melodrama, each around 15 minutes apart. Channel-flippers shall love it though; interchange between the channels showing Push and Big Momma’s House alternatively and there you are!

But the shrillness of an overwrought Madea brings forth a loud, vulgar but interesting physical comedy, but that’s as per the thought too much of anything is funny. Here, we can replace too much with multitasking, for if you take into account the way wedding meanders through, you are sure to detect Perry’s scorn for subtle, cohesive affairs. Nevertheless, it defines his body of work; after all, why run after messing around with moneymaking formulas despite knowing his efforts are not going to earn him the Oscar?

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