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Man of Steel: Hero’s Flight Video game Evaluate


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Why are not able to they make a excellent Superman recreation previous the 16 bit era? The closest they at any time came was that just one recreation for the PS2/Xbox but that was ordinary and forgettable at very best. They produced excellent Spider-Man online games, excellent Batman online games, a amazing Wolverine recreation, and even very excellent Hulk online games. What is it about Superman that will make them slide short each individual time? The Superman 64 Curse.

The Video game:

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Why listen to me around far better heroes like IGN, Gamespot, Gamespy, Big Bomb, Destructoid, or GameTrailers? Properly, I will not just evaluation online games from the eyes of a complex, experienced Static Shock. I also evaluation online games from the standpoint of an real Steel.


  1. Maybe rocksteady could make a good superman game. It might be hard, because of how powerful superman is, but I think they could pull it off.

  2. Basically explosion the game to go with explosion the movie! 10 outha 10 easily the most accurate movie tie in game ever made 😉 Got to love that Lost Boys reference you threw in there Stan 🙂

  3. this game remains me to the good ol days in space when we destroys tons of asteroids just by touching them

  4. the problem with superman games is that well you cant make a hub world like arkham asylum hes superman he can travel thru space ..well then why the fuck make a open world game why does it have to be open worl for everything thesedays

    how about the golden age superman ? he cant fly only jump tall buildings and his strength isent that ridicilous make it in the style of the fleischer  cartoons but make it gritty let grant morisson do the writing that blad pretencious irish man was born to mix golden age insanety with girtty dark modern boring shit he wrote for a game once it was a decent story

    seriously it could work

    or just reskin god of war with wonder woman

    a green lantern game would be fisicly imposible you can make one when an invention that can read your mind gets done ..ask the jews they have one in their evil shady laboratorys

    other then racisem pffff

    oh a hitman style game for punisher planing raids chosing epquipment

    for thor fuck just reskin rune

    or you know what how about people become original dont milk comic books game and especially movie wise couse its damaging comic books and the movie industry

    im a comic book fan i would love for a good dardevil adaptation but i would more love for original movies to be made

    i have this dread that after a while the same thing that hapend to disco music will hapen to comic book movies people will burn comics in a stadium ..please do it before someone adapts the comic book crossed so i dont have to comit suicide i dont want to live in a world where rape porn is a blockbuster ….oh 50 shades of grey movie is being made

    ok where is my shotgun


  5. so when u said that they made a great wolverine game, which one did you mean there is quite a few of them?
    answer would be appreciated, stanburdman

  6. why can they make a superman game kinda like prototype 2 but saving people not eating them

  7. There was one thing I didn't understand in the movie.
    Both Superman and Zod took powerful hits from hitting buildings and stone boulders at over 300 mph, without a scratch, but they die instantly from a neck-break.

  8. fantastic wolverine game? and great Batman games? are you kidding me the Batman Arkham series is the best superhero game of all time

  9. Clark is a investigative reporter so why cannot use arkham subtlety while using his powers creative instead of destructive. this is the era to do it.

  10. To make a superman game good
    1. Make him have a stamina bar instead of health. The more he fights and takes damage, his stamina goes down. More minor threats, like a thief won't take it down much where as lex luthor or a big villain that can punch superman through buildings can bring it down more. When superman gets near kryptonite it will go down faster the closer he is. As it goes down he can't do somethings. He becomes weaker and isn't a stable flyer until you let it regenerate.
    2. He can pick up cars and lift up a part of the street to through stuff, but he is slower
    3. Turn to Clark kent. With phone booths around the map you can change to Clark Kent and "investigate" stuff. As Clark Kent, your stamina will regenerate faster, but you are limited in powers. You can only use X-Ray vision and will "take damage" from robbers if they try to shoot you. You can still fight back if you want.
    4. Buildings. Superman can only go through buildings with bigger enemies. If he isn't fighting Lex luthor or doomsday, he can take them and through them into a building and drag him through. Same can happen to him. Afterwards the hole will be replaced with construction workers and beams and will slowly regenerate over time. Faster if you are in another part of the city.

  11. Awkward flight controls would kill a game like this for me. If there's no option to alter them then I don't think I'd want to play this.

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