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March book 1 & 2 by John Lewis | Graphic Novel Review


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  1. Love the way he mentions Malcom X in Book 2. Agree with everything you said. I really like the way it's drawn. I also like the way they try make a bit of suspense through the story. Kids who are learning about the Civil Rights Movement will love these two.

  2. I'm fairly new to your channel and I must say I am very much enjoying your videos! I love your enthusiasm for books!! Are you in school? English major? You seem so well rounded in the types of books you read. How old are you? If you don't mind me asking. 🙂

  3. These books sound completely amazing. Growing up in the UK we don't get as much focus on the civil rights movement because the situation was somewhat different (but not much better) over here but it's still so relevant. 

  4. These books are awesome and your review of them was great. I'm always happy to see influential booktubers reviewing and mentioning books that most folks may overlook.

    These books and the movie Selma are two recent work about the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) that are truly moving. Sometimes the CRM is portrayed as a kumbaya moment in American history but it really was surrounded and entrenched in violence, struggle and pain. Lewis' story is one of triumph but triumph in the face of tremendous resistance. It's not just the history of African Americans, it's the history of America period. And if we're going to be honest with ourselves, a lot of these struggles are still with us today.

    Not to soapbox in the comment section of your channel but if your viewers want more background on the history discussed in this book I recommend they read Taylor Branch's trilogy on the CRM. It's a long read, over 2,000 pages but it's one of the most complete histories of the CRM ever. Also I recommend people read David Garrow's book called "Bearing the Cross" which focuses more on King and the SCLC but it's one of the most nuanced and sophisticated presentations of King ever published. 

    Thanks again for this review.

  5. Rincey – I read the books and liked them and am glad you shared them.  I was alive and took part in some of the Civil Rights Movement activities in the 1960s.  I found the book was an honest and realistic picture of what it was like.John Lewis and his co-authors did a very good job.  If you have time to read other books you might be interested in "Hands on the Freedom Plow: Personal Accounts by Women in SNCC"., editors Holsaert, etc.  It's in paperback now.  The first C = Coordinating – Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.  And we're old, it's true, but quite a few of us are still around.  In full disclosure – I have an essay in Hands on the Freedom Plow.  Most people find the essays illuminating and interesting.  Thanks again Rincey.

  6. I am here really late, but if anyone sees this and knows the answer, do you think they will come out with a hardback edition of the trilogy? If they haven't yet?

  7. Thanks! Great review! I've known about these books for awhile and actually read the first one, but it has been off my radar for awhile, until TODAY, because the 3rd March book JUST came out, and combined with the Daily Show interview with John Lewis and this review, Im going to have to buy these books!

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