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Mario Party 7 For the GameCube – A Kid and Mom Review


Mario Party 7 is the latest version of the Mario Party series of video games from Nintendo, rated E for Everyone.

Mario and friends are back with another edition of Mario Party 7 GameCube version! With this version, up to eight people can play together in more than 80 mini-games. Dozens of Mushroom Kingdom characters compete in everything from speed-based games to memory challenges, with swimming, jumping, running, driving and much more. Knock your friends out of a water-bubble, fire yourself out of a cannon, and knock down a wobbly Pokey as fast as you can. Players can use the GameCube microphone for some of the games (but you can play the microphone games even if you don’t have a mic). Tons of fun in both minigames and multi-level play for all ages.

My eight year old had this to say about Mario Party 7: In Mario Party 7, there are three ways you can play: you can play the Solo Cruise by yourself, or the Party Cruise with other people, or the Mini Game Cruise which is either by yourself or with other people however you want. The mini games are a lot of fun but they are pretty easy, good for kids that are younger, like 5 years old and up. There are some hard games like the Bowser games which are harder though, and some games get a lot harder as you play them, but there are only a few of those. There is one really hard game called King of the River that you have to unlock to play.

Whenever you play you get coins, and then you trade the coins for other things like unlocking extra bonus games, or sounds and some kinds of little trinkets that do funny things. Even though it’s easy I think it’s still fun to play, and I would rate this an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

As a mom, I think Mario Party 7 is great. It is accessible for even really young kids. With all the mini games it includes, at different levels of difficulty, it can keep pretty much any child in single digits engaged. There is even a way for eight players to play together in some games. And it includes games that use a microphone so youngest players don’t have to be able to use a controller to join in.

Mario Party 7 is great for kids and adults to play together, with no violence at all, just good competitive fun.

By Sue Calhoun

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