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Match.com Review – Online Dating


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Match.com Review – Online Dating
As one of the largest dating websites, Match.com features of 29 million members from 20 countries worldwide. Their online dating site has a large dating pool, sophisticated matching algorithm, and high success rate. Find out what makes this site so unique in the Match.com review.

Match.com Pricing –
Free to Sign-Up
1 Month Membership – $35.99 per month (approximately)
3 Month Membership – $19.99 per month (approximately)
6 Month Membership – $16.99 per month (approximately)

What makes Match.com online dating unique?

Large Dating Pool –
As one of the oldest dating sites, Match.com offers a large pool of potential matches. The site consists of millions of active members between the ages of 18 and 80 years old, and is friendly to different sexual orientations.

Membership Verification –
Match.com requires photos for each member and performs a verification process to prevent fake profiles on their site. This not only avoids scams, but also increases the safety of online dating.

Many Site Features –
The site’s many features makes it easier for users to review Match.com profiles. The Shuffle feature, for example, allows members to quickly browse profiles for a potential match based on test results. Members can also fill in a guided profile questionnaire, view match suggestions, send messages, and upload photos to their profile.

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  1. Hi
    i am single i am 33 years old i am 5-4 height salim i have not friends i am looking here single girl or divorced or widow to marriage 20-35 please contact

  2. Hi guys. I'm 5'10; 130+ iq; make 70,000 a year, and I'm relatively attractive; and most importantly, I have a 7 inch dick.

    Looking for a bitch to cook and clean.

    Not sure why no one responds to my messages match… WTF


    They make most of their money from taking money out of people's bank accounts
    as they make everyone AUTORENEW by default and if you don't give them a full 48
    hours notice (WHY????) they just help themselves to you cash

    BEWARE If you delete your PROFILE, they can still take money out your bank
    account by AUTORENEW as you have to delete your MEMBERSHIP and give the 48
    hours notice

    WATCH OUT for their 1 week promotions as you, you guessed it, put you on
    AUTORENEW and require 48 hours notice to cancel your MEMBERSHIP but it takes
    about a fortnight to find out how to cancel as Match.com make is so
    infuriatingly difficult to do

    Most accounts are ghost accounts i.e. people who joined years ago and no longer
    use it but never managed to delete their profile as Match.com make it so damn

    Most of the woman on Match.com are on POF so why pay

    Match.com also own EHarmony ( same issues) and POF
    Just have a look on the net to see why a company so many
    people hate is so successful. Say someone 
    intends spending £90,which is no small amount, on Match.com but end up
    paying a further £90 when match snatch that out their bank accounts as they
    didn't cancel AUTORENEW ,give the 48 hour notice or went round and round and
    round in circles trying to find out how to delete their PROFILE and when they did,
    discovered they STILL had to pay the extra £90 as the hadn't cancelled their

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