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Mazda MX-5 Miata Review | Consumer Reports


Fun can come in small packages. The Miata has responsive handling and a slick shifter. One drawback—the noisy interior is no fun on long trips. Learn more about the Mazda Miata and other convertibles on our web site http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. @btinder711 actually they didn't, its ment to review both good and bad aspects and i thank them cause i wanna know whats speacial about it.. I'm saving up for one

  2. Lol "it doesn't give much space for tall people"
    Don't you check that before you buy a car??

  3. lol the fuel economy is "on par with many small cars!…that's increadible!! Wait…how big is this car again? oh ya, it's what I'd call a "small car"

  4. tired of the noise…. never…. i purposely zip down the back window just to hear the exhaust note…

  5. Once I'm able to drive, I'd buy this car. I'm not buying it because I want lots of performance or good looks, I'm buying it because I know I can become a great driver from this car. It handles well, the pedals are perfectly spaced for heel and toe shifting, and the shifter has short throws. It's just a car for the driver. Period.

  6. @tizotube100 It makes me wonder if Dynamat would help bring the noise down to a manageable level.

  7. @tortillaandbeans I don't think I'd get tired of the noise either. Because I always drive with all my windows and my sunroof open, until it's too cold.

  8. Actually, you _could_ race a Mustang with this car – provided that it's not a drag race, and there are plenty of corners 🙂

  9. OHZ NOEZ!!!! IT HAS SHORT GEARING!?!?! Why would anyone who buys a roadster want an actually track usefull sixth gear!?!? HA! (That was sarcasm) Why would anyone buy a roadster/sportscar and expect to have a soft, high up, quiet, and an intuitive ride drive position. This guys last statement is the only thing that saved him from looking like an idiot.

  10. tested this car out and its pretty fun to drive. only thing is i needed car that sits more than 2 and that has more features

  11. CR wouldn't know what fun is if fun ran them over with a freight train of joy. I know they aren't MotorTrend or what have you but seriously. They need to put certain cars under what they are INTENDED to do. Sure there are obviously downsides to this car or that car but don't compare a focused sports car to a SUV saying, well you can't seat other people or cargo. Okay I'm done.

  12. judging by what the tach is showing on that six-speed at 70mph, it's not revving high enough. You would have to drop a gear there to get it moving well. I know this because I have the 5-speed, and it's turning 3500 at 70, which is what it should be doing. The really good power starts pulling around 80mph, or 4000 rpm, and continues to redline without flattening out. Very impressive for a non-turbo. Even though the low-end torque is great for a 2.0, it is intended to be run above 4k for best perf

  13. Did you say that the soft top has less road noise than the hard top counterpart? How does that make any sense?

  14. This guy is wrong; the Miata does NOT rev "really high" on the highway. First, he does not define what rpms are being turned at highway speeds (such as 70mph). Second, he does not define what "really high" means.
    The Miata revs perfectly for a 4-cylinder in top gear, at 70 mph (or higher). About 3400 at 70, and about 3900 at 80. These are perfect figures for such an engine.
    Best power BEGINS at 4000rpm. And then continues without flattening, to redline. This is perfect, and useable.

  15. @TheLethalCep The Miata includes a "true pressure" oil gage. This means that the oil pressure you see, is actually what is going on. The gage is extremely responsive, as if you had attached a mechanic's gage to the engine. This is perfect. People are just used to seeing the oil needle in the middle all the time, which is not really what is going on in the engine.

  16. @Smashinz2002

    Thanks for that clarification. I was skeptical about the CR claim that the Miata revved "really high" at highway speeds.

    How could it possibly, with a six speed manual?

    Incidentally, the newer Miatas look different but just as good as the older ones.

    The older Miatas looked like the Lotus Elan.

    The newer Miata sheet metal suggests that Mazda decided to make the Miata look more muscular, therefore incorporated a hint of Dodge Viper body styling.

  17. This guy bitches about the most obvious things… It's a two seater sport car… Of course it has a small trunk, a few blind spots, a low roof and a snug fitting cabin…

  18. "It's a shame to get the stability control you have to get the Grand Touring model." Ughhhh really? I mean really? Go get a FWD car if you want understeer no matter what.

  19. I have one without DSC or TC. It's a death machine in the snow, but so much fun to drive otherwise. You just can't get a simpler, more pure driving experience with cars these days than in a NC with no traction control.

  20. I'm a Boxster owner and a huge fan of the Miata MX-5 as it is one of the most fun cars I have driven. The Boxster is just as fun, if not more fun. It loves to rev and feels like it is going 70mph when you are at 50mph. Many car magazines name the Boxster a better handling car than the Miata. And from my driving experiences on the track, I believe it, which is why I bought it. Plus it was actually cheaper than the NC.

  21. Good job, I owned one for 20+ years, just sold it, and will buy another. Overall I think the newer models are better in that they provide more safety features while keeping the best of NA intact. The 2014 SkyActiv version will be another revamp, aka "ND" perhaps?

  22. I'm not that tall (1,70 m) i think this car is good for me, i'm looking for small sport car… 2 seats

  23. I've had three Miatas and a Boxter. I loved each one, but have a special place in my heart for the Miatas.  No car for me, has been more fun to drive.

  24. I'm 6' 2", I did not sit well in the BMW z but this little car is no problem. Noise? Not noticed and I have had my Mk2 for over 13years. If anything on the MK2 the only problem is with shoes getting scuffed on the toes by a protruding casing above the pedal well under the steering wheel. 

  25. Just watching this and gauging whether to wait for the NC fire sale now the ND is unveiled. This is that while the NC is very enjoyable, the FR-S is amazing fun but it looks like the ND at 400lbs less weight than the FR-S, most likely the ND having more torque (linear at that), will trump the FR-S. A great time to be in this market? Yes, but the ND is a year away and a year is a long time for us mortals!

  26. I'm thinking about getting a 2006 or 2007 model with some miles for about $8000. I suppose the long term reliability is good

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