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Hard to classify, Mazda’s mini-minivan is a practical, economical, and affordable vehicle. Find out more about the Mazda5 on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/index.htm

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  1. @reevsaj Because in the US, there are none that are in that price range, nor that nice.

  2. These are probably made in Mexico, with lots of Ford components, leftovers from the Escort/Tracer days, simply put, not very well engineered. I just can see this thing falling apart after couple of years, I wonder if Ford still has a saying on how it's built. Mazda is one of those companies that have been left back in times never able to catch up; selling outdated technology.

  3. @saenzlopez Its not hard to classify for Europe and those markets but no one knows what the hell an MPV is over here in the states well they might think its Mazdas old minivan that this replaced…

  4. @crammage Only on the base and Grand Touring models. I noticed it's absent on the Touring models. Whatever the case, i do find the red stitching ugly….

  5. I personally highly dislike the look. The front looks like the Mazda 3, which is cool. When they put it on a minivan, it looks terrible. At 2:51 for example, it just looks hideous. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am just sharing mine. Btw, I like all your science experiments on your channel. I'll subscribe.

  6. More important than seats 6 is room for 4 car seats. Unless you have a boat, you can only get 2 car seats across in in a 5 person car. This 5 fits twice as many kids as a Prius V or Ford C-Max.
    The C-max being the ford version of the Mazda5 & the Prius V being big enough, they could have 3 row / 4 carseat capable hybrids (prius might have to up to lithium ion, but since it has under floor storage in the back I doubt it, the C-max already has lithium ion, so they readjust a little.)

  7. Mazda 5 suspension fix. 1) Buy adjustable rear camber kit ($99-ebay) for Mazda 3 and adjust to accord/camry camber ($200 install w/alignment). 2) Put on 16" wheels ($400 nearly new mazda rims-ebay) and 205/60R16 Hankook H727 tires (was going thru tires every 15k…serious inboard cupping). 3) Replace bushings for both front control arms and swaybar with improved oem product based on Mazda TSB ($220). My 2006 Mazda 5 now rides "better" than new…and with 100k tires, good for next 5+ years!

  8. I have a 2007 mazda5. Its now 157,000 miles old. Purchased by us brand new. Perks. You can fit 4 carseats in the back, even if all 4 are RF! Top tether spots in all rear seating positions make families like us that have to have logistics just to have 4 kids all together without killing each other. No "major" issues that have had to be fixed, the low beam lights do seem to go out once a year, but luckily thats not crazy expensive. TIre wear isnt great, we have put 7 sets on our car.(cont)

  9. Also, it still handles as well as the day we bought it. Most carseats install well in either row, with the exceptions of the diono radian (incompatible FF, 3rd row) and the recaro proride (incompatible RF 3rd row) STRONG windshield was hit by a deer without a scratch to the glass itself. I would say overall, great deal for the price, would work perfectly for 2-3 kids, 4 is a tight squeeze. If I didnt need something bigger, I would buy another one hands down.

  10. As a single Dad with 2 rascals
    I think it's perfect for me as far as room and gas mileage, and it's pretty sharp looking.. Folding those 2 back seats gives me plenty of room for a cooler and over nite bags for a quick trip to Disney… The down side of this van well guess I'll get over it cause of what I stand to gain..

  11. no power doors? What a cheap out , and a 5 speed transs?? what is this 2001? The interior infotainment seems to be lacking, at least the quality is good

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