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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault PC Game Review


Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (abbreviated MoHPA) is a first-person shooter computer game the story of which takes place during the Pacific War. It is the 7th installment of the Medal of Honor series.

The game was developed by EA LA and published by EA Games for the PC. It is primarily a first-person shooter, with the exception of one level in which the player flies an SBD Dauntless in the middle of a dog fight. The engine of the game is a modified Lithtech Jupiter, and Havok physics engine. The music was composed by Christopher Lennertz.

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  1. Weakest in the series? Overall reviews say otherwise.
    Then again no matter how you slice it, reviews are subjective. No matter how objective you try to be.

  2. It Kind of reminds me of metal of honor European assault for ps2 with the team work and big battlefields and that game was pretty fun

  3. Well to be honest, cutting down hundreds…. yes hundreds, of Japanese soldiers for many minutes straight is pretty accurate.

  4. i got it for free on origin and is a fun game,not i game i would pay for though,is flawed but not complete crap

  5. I actually kind of liked this one when I first played it. I never did finish it though, and it probably doesn't have the replayability factor that Allied Assault had.

  6. Have to disagree with most, I loved this game, was it as good as Allied Assault? No, but it is amazing. 😀

  7. I used to play this game when I was a kid. Asked my dad if could stay up late night just to finish the game. The music is amazing. Fell in love with the main theme when I'm waiting for the game installation to finish. I don't understand how this game was the weakest game in the series. Sure, this game have it's flaws. It's a 10 years old game. To me, it is amazing. Way better than Allied assault. Not comparing to graphics or anything. But hey, each people have different taste.

  8. I also remember how much resources this game needed to run back in the day. Compared to awesome games like Call of Duty 2 released a year later…this was a joke.

  9. Got it for free on origin, after 12 years, the game is still fun. I woulnt pay for it, but for free its a nice addition to my collection. I genuinly enjoyed it.

  10. the mission where u have to fight back several waves of japs was a real event that happened in the pacific war in ww2, the developers wanted to have some historical accuracy so thats why u had to go back for ammo, fight off several waves etc..

  11. One of the weakest in the series… Ekhm, sorry, no way. JUST NO!

    You want to talk about underpowered weapons, try "Call of Duty: World at War" Multiplayer. Use anything other than a submachine gun, and You are screwed.

    Too many Type-100 submachine guns – this is what kills the realism of Pacific Theatre in this game.

    And oh God, the Woodpecker – Did somebody forget it's not MG-42?

    If anything, it's certain glitches that might kill the gameplay. Nothing else.

  12. @Gggmanlives do you have a Medal Of Honor Airborne video? Love your stuff man, binged watched for 2 weeks so far and subscribed. One of my favourite channels!

  13. My only response to this guy's review:

    ……..('(…´…´…. ¯~/'…')
    ……….''…………. _.·´

  14. TBH I enjoyed this game. In some ways worse than AA in other ways better. WAY better than airborne at the very least.

  15. This is actually my favorite MOH game. All the early MOH games had the multiple shots to kill gameplay and this one actually is less noticeable than in Frontline, Allied Assault, and Rising Sun. The only part I didnt care for was the flying section. I thought the Henderson ridge level was EPIC. I never ran into the problems with the AI that you did. I also like the slower paced stalking through the jungles with your squad and getting into a massive firefight gameplay. Seemed more realistic than just bunny hopping around like a retard spraying everything with bullets by yourself allot of FPS games at the time expected you to do.

  16. Eh. This game might not have realized everything it wanted to be but I still loved it. It had early animation + ragdoll effects that made combat super satisfying (need to be manually activated in a file nowadays) and the squad system was simple but effective. The Medic was the single best way to handle heals, as you can even be revived. It encourages players to stick with their friendlies because if you're knocked down your allies can cover you long enough to be revived.

    But a lot of friendly AI was unreasonably inaccurate and the never-ending jungles were frequently uninspired, but I found the gameplay strong and still give it a spin every few years. While I'm not surprised you didn't like it as you can be a pedantic dunce in some of these reviews, I still stand by the night defense mission as being really cool, despite being overly long and vulnerable to the game's inconsistent AI.

  17. I remember playing this as a kid and having a blast. It was probably the best graphical Medal of honor game I play since it was on pc. I played the rest on PS2. Honestly if I ever did get my hands on it I would probably love it since nostalgia.

  18. there hasnt been a MOH game with thus exceptional sound and music ? LMAO what about MOH rising sun which cane out before this one and had the same soundtrack.
    howevee good review though took a nice trip down memory lane.

  19. I would say the only game in the series that is definitely worse is vanguard btw u should review European assault for ps2 i really enjoyed it other than the difficulty spike in the last mission

  20. If you think this is the weakest in the series try playing Airborne; it has beyond any doubt some of the worst hit detection I've ever seen in an fps game.

  21. i remember that time, this graphics got me stunned. great graphics, great gameplay with a lot of dialogue and action. loved it a lot. the game characters felt very alive. compared to those "robots" in medal of honor allied assault… how time flies… i played these games more than 10 years ago….

  22. Really the worst game review I've ever seen, most of what you talk is pure bullshit.
    The game doesn't let you do things over and over again, exept for clearing villages on the Makin Atoll mission only.
    In the mission where you defend the airfield you said the waves take to long and you thought it glitched out, is also pure bullshit, for me it didn't even take long enough.

    And so these are many more lies told about this game in this video, this asshole spreads heavily opinionated misinformation like rotten cancer and you shouldn't listen to him.

    This video is a couple years old now, and I sure hope you improved a hell of a lot in that time, but i'm not gonna watch you're future video's

  23. yeh but you gotta remember that this game wasn't made after far cry or battlefield it was old when i was 10 and i am now 15 so this game would have been pretty good for the time

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