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Meeting Your Soul Mate – Love Happens When You Least Expect It


As kids, we are taught that fairy tales do come true. The Prince will meet a princess and they will fall happily in love. They say that when you kiss a frog you will find your prince. There are countless stories about meeting your soul mate. However, while fairy tales do sometimes come true, there are some things to keep in perspective, which we learn about in this article.

The first thing is that it can happen. While many say that it cannot happen, they are wrong. This happens on a daily basis that guy meets girl, or in this day and age, guy meets guy. They fall happily in love. This does happen. However, it might not happen in the way it does in all those stories.

Some people have long debated on the ways of meeting your soul mate: you know, the person you were “meant” to be with. For instance, some say that a person has to meet them face to face. In fact, this is true but not in the beginning stage. Where you first meet a person is not the important thing. The important thing is that the two of you meet.

The world of online dating has taken over and some question just how much in love you can become through a computer screen. Meeting each other by way of personal ads is by no means new. The internet simply made it happen at the speed of light.

One thing we have learned about meeting your soul mate is that it might take you a while to get there. So many people in this day and age of instant gratification get discouraged because they have yet to find the one. We think that simply because we have the Internet, it will happen overnight. but when that is not the case they give up hope. This is the reason for so much ant-internet dating sentiments being spewed in the forums.

Never lose hope. Stay determined. Your soul mate will appear when you least expect it.

When you meet this person, just remember that in some cases, you have to build up to the relationship. Spontaneous combustion doesn’t always happen when it comes to love. For some who have found that person, they did not instantly know it was love. Leave kissing a frog where it belongs: in fairy tales.

This is where time comes in. You have to learn about this person. Many times, finding your soul mate is more than about mere physical attributes. It is about the two of you matching up on other deeper qualities.

The biggest thing to remember is that there is someone out there for you. How you meet them might not always be something for a romantic novel, but it might be a story of your own that you love to tell. This is how love is found most often. Sometimes, you have to mess up before you find the right one. This is what we call in life, trial and error.

By David N Kamau

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