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Mercedes-Benz C250 review | Consumer Reports


The Mercedes-Benz C250 is Mercedes’ smallest sedan. It gets a turbocharged four-cylinder as its base engine. Traditional brand virtues remain, only on a smaller scale. Learn more about the Mercedes-Benz C250 and other sedans on our website: http://bit.ly/qmt1Yx

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  1. I see your point with Mercedes, but BMWs offer a blend of sport and luxury that you just can't get in another car, and look around when you're driving, I see at least 5 e36 3-Series from the 90s every day, not to mention the other older BMW models that are everywhere.

  2. Most BMW's come with leatherette seats also.. Quite frankly, I think people take the "German luxury is superior" too far. I've driven a 2010 C250 4MATIC and the ride was harsh, the interior felt solid but still lots of plastic, the transmission hesitated and the 2.5L V6 was unrefined and weak. Handling/steering was good but reminded me too much of my '03 Maxima, which is FWD.

  3. As far as looks go, this is my favorite Mercedes model. I'm a diehard BMW guy, but if I were to cross over, I'd get an AMG version of this C-class. In my mind, it's the only Mercedes that can compare with its BMW counterpart.

  4. I have that car, ONLY AN IDIOT will put the curse control instead of the flasher ! ridiculous review.

  5. Ok.. the first like 3 times i pressed the cruse control instead of the flasher and im definitely not an idiot >:( Lol but its not a problem because you learn… like i said… after the first 3 times ahha

  6. This car design is played out an dull , looks like anything mb of 05 in the front a lil 2010 I don't care for Mercedes they are like the Lexus ( cheap ) brand of luxury cars when comparred to BMW jaguar Audi even thou Audi is like the under dog in this group I like ALL their new cars far better than anything mb has out.

  7. This is the best and ONLY Benz I ever really truly loved. I think its fantastic, good gas mileage, and looks totally rich!

  8. I will never, ever, EVER buy a C class. They are dull, boring, cheap, with crappy quality.

  9. Lexus is the cheap brand of luxury cars, Mercedes Benz has been around forever going on luxury class cars and sport styled cars. How can you say its cheap? But then again it is your opinion.

  10. It may look cheap but have you sat inside one or even ridden in one? Its anything BUT cheap.

  11. maybe you should try driving both side by side and then compare, also alot of people care about what others think. Mercedes says class, honda says faggot

  12. I've heard this debate alot. What do you think of the Audi A4? Its also in this competition. I say the 2012 Toyota Camry SE is the greatest car of all time but it lacks the style and name recognition…

  13. i used to think mercedes benz was overrated until i rode in my friends c class and let's just say i loved every minute i was in that car , solid ,quiet and comfortable and interior was nicely designed and pleasing to the eye , i have drove a 3 series and yes they are good cars as well especially handling wise but while the entire might be built solid the interiors are a let down compared to mercedes ,point is drive one before you decide to dislike the c class

  14. You are 100% right. The 2013 Honda Accord Touring costs a lot less, yet offers way more, looks good, is reliable and the gas mileage is way better than this joke 21/31 for a 1.8 liter engine!!!!? Honda all the way, and no, I am straight and have wifey and kids.

  15. I came from a family who never brought anything else but Japanese cars. However, coming from a Nissan Altima to a C250, despite the slight lacking power feel (it does weigh 1500kg), the car is much more solid and well-built than anything Japan makes, even compared to the Lexus IS250. Like my mother claims; after driving in a German made car, you'll be hard-pressed to go back to Honda or Toyota. It costs much more, but the feeling of quality is more than skin-deep.

  16. the interior to this car is not cheap. a honda and a benz? seems like people just try and convince themselves they don't like what they can't have.

  17. I have a 2012 c300 love it its quiet and the back seat is actually roomy it's quick comfortable and its a sport no rough ride at all

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