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Mercedes EQ REVIEW DRIVING Mercedes Electric Car 2017 New Mercedes Concept Paris 2016 CARJAM TV


Mercedes EQ REVIEW DRIVING Electric Car 2017 New Mercedes EQ Electric Car Concept Paris 2016 Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV
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EQ: the new electric mobility brand from the inventor of the automobile

New Mercedes EQ Electric Car offers a comprehensive electric mobility ecosystem with products, services, technologies and innovations. The New Mercedes EQ Electric Car spectrum ranges from electric vehicles to wallboxes and charging services to home energy storage units. Mercedes‑Benz will market future battery-electric vehicles under the brand name EQ. The Mercedes EQ name stands for “Electric Intelligence” and is derived from the Mercedes-Benz brand values of “Emotion and Intelligence”. The new Mercedes EQ brand encompasses all key aspects for customer-focused electric mobility and extends beyond the vehicle itself. Mercedes Future models will embody the essentials of state-of-the-art electric mobility: the fusion of emotively appealing and intelligent design, exceptional driving pleasure, high everyday practicality and maximum safety, a hallmark of every vehicle from the inventor of the automobile.

The close-to-production New Mercedes EQ Electric Car concept vehicle “Generation EQ” marks the launch of an architecture for battery-electric vehicles across all models. Dieter Zetsche: “In 2007, the e-smart was a pioneer of electric motoring. We’re now flipping the switch. We’re ready for the launch of an electric product offensive that will cover all vehicle segments, from the compact to the luxury class.”

New Mercedes EQ Electric Car: Both inside and outside: new light signature for Mercedes electric cars

With a New Mercedes EQ Electric Car exterior and New Mercedes EQ Electric Car interior light signature, the inventor of the automobile presents the design trend for future Mercedes electric vehicles with the star: the distinguishing mark of “Generation EQ” is the “Black Panel” front grille: the white-illuminated Mercedes star and all the light elements are integrated in this seamlessly glazed design element. The blue-illuminated surround gives a completely new interpretation of the typical Mercedes radiator grille. Illuminated LED optical fibres in electric blue produce a light show with exciting touches of colour.

The New Mercedes EQ Electric Car peripheral light strip of the “Black Panel” is equally typical of “Generation EQ”. Embedded in it are the white, powerful LED headlamps. New Mercedes EQ Electric Car: Viewed from the side, the flowing E-line and beltline form a frame around the base of the mirror camera. Touches of rose gold in the chrome-plated E-line moulding and the spokes of the New Mercedes EQ Electric Car 21‑inch wheels serve as a special eye-catching transition from interior to exterior.

The New Mercedes EQ Electric Car rear lamps are of matching design, taking up the contour of the “Black Panel” and surrounded by an LED optical fibre in electric blue, which changes to red when the vehicle is moving and acts as a tail light. The central Mercedes star at the rear end is likewise illuminated in white. Similarly to the front end, the clasp-like light signature on the outside changes to orange as soon as the direction indicator is operated.
“Generation EQ” brings together the latest-generation charging technologies. The vehicle is ready both for charging at home by induction or wallbox and for fast charging. Mercedes‑Benz energy storage units of the future could form an ideal symbiosis with the cordless charging system via induction or wallbox. Households that have their own photovoltaic system and which store their surplus solar power in a Mercedes‑Benz energy storage unit can thus benefit from a “green” source of power that is extensively independent of the energy market.

Significantly reduced Mercedes EQ charging times will come with the introduction of fast charging by the Mercedes EQ Combined Charging System (CCS). This European charging standard allows for fast charging with a far greater capacity than at present. Currently, charging capacities from 50 up to sometimes 150 kW are possible. In the medium to long term, a charging capacity of even up to 300 kW is planned. This would enable sufficient power for 100 locally emission-free kilometres to be recharged within five minutes.

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  1. Mercedes might be calling this a concept but this is the future of Mercedes cars: a scalable electric car platform that can be an SUV, luxury car, driverless, ride sharing – you name it, this is what your Mercedes in the next few years will be!


  2. Call yourselves reviewers – How is your audience meant to keep up with the subtitles whilst watching the video – DOH !

  3. What hate about concept cars is they are rarely close to a delierable production model. I don't want the fantasy child I want the marketable child. A few things. The return of the review mirrors. If I am driving myself I need the side mirrors as back up to change lane. Some nice a sleek to not disturb the design element but usable. I need the drivers dash to have a hoof back above the steering wheel because the sun's glare is a killer in California, Texas, Florida. Also…I did not see any storage for the driver and passenger on the doors for roadtrips over 100 miles. All in all 8.5 until I see a more production less concept.

  4. a nice digital/virtual reality video. What you see is not actually a driving car. Nowhere is a human being shown standing beside the car, opening a door, etc. Let us wait until a working/drivable pre-series model is out and testable.

  5. $200,000 about it LOL
    Just a price Admition to the Trump club key Lagot in Florida.
    Bravo America LOL

  6. what's with mercedes and their obsession for blue lights on futureisticky concept cars ?

  7. coping a lot from tesla and adding too much extra led….but whose is gona buy it if they price it above model x …their previous mad fans are gona be realistic about price this time as we got the luxurious no non sense tesla to compare this time….if Mercedes-Benz shed their preoccupied mind set of luxury king,come down to the new all new bz model of value for money in ev segment then they gona survive..

  8. It's a concept. 70% of what you see won't make production. Especially all those lights. The following will most likely not make production.just a sales gimmick.
    -fuel door light
    -under car floor lights
    -front grill light
    -seat lights
    -license plate EQ light
    -floor pedal lights
    – flush rear seat screens.
    -seat design
    -interior door design.

  9. They are not able to produce it ! Fullstopp ! The company is 5 Yrs behind Tesla ! These arrogant Managers ignored a future market. Tesla is now !

  10. The police won't like in the UK with that blue light they will stop you And say your trying to pass you're self off as a police car

  11. the car is really nice smooth and impressive the only bad part is gov plates will make it look outdated idk why we have not focused on better tires and these ugly outdated plates 😛 just my opinion but im glad they are making a move towards electric cars 😀

  12. What a car! I will buy it as soon as it gets out! Central console is so cool. Mercedes, please don't change that in the production!!!

  13. This shit sucks compared to the Model X.. ??? And i dont even know if they can come close to the 0 – 60 in 2.9 secs that the Model X produces over 500hp.. Seems like this car tries to win you over with light and cameras.. Never hear anything about the actual technical aspects of the car. Just the lights.. ??

  14. Tesla u r gone…..MB is always MB ….simply best …tesla looks shit compare to this and interiors awesome.

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