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Metallica – Hardwired… To Self Destruct Album Critique – Plugged On Critiques


We go over the new album from Metallica!

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  1. When I was listening to some of the songs I was thinking "Jesus christ if I have to hear Kirk Hammett play this same damn pentatonic lick again I'm going to blow my head off"

  2. IMO Death Magnetic could be better than this album if the production, the mixing and the vocals were as good as this album, the problems of this album for me are that the album is too long, should be like 60 minutes long, not 80 minutes long, and not all the songs have the same level of quality, I would have liked it a lot more with more thrashy and elaborated songs like Atlas, Rise!, Moth into Flame and Spit Out The Bone, but there's more slow mid tempo songs and is just too much of the same vibe in the second disc, till Spit Out the Bone comes and kicks fucking ass, another problem is that Kirk's solos are generic and boring to be honest, there are like 2 or 3 memorable solos and the rest is pentatonic blusy shit that doesn't even fit the songs, and I didn't love Now That We're Dead to be honest

  3. i fucking love it. I'm 16 now, and i've been a fan since DM, when i played Guitar Hero Metallica in Best Buy. I have become a bigger and bigger fan since then, and now they're my 3rd favorite band of all time. I'm so happy with this album. Spit Out the Bone is probably one of my favorite songs ever. 8/10 album from me.
    Some criticism for you guys, try to be conscious of how loud you're speaking at all times. There are times where my volume is perfect for the video and then all of the sudden you'll mumble and I can't hear shit.
    I love your channel guys, keep it up.

  4. if you guys ever get a chance I think it'd be legit if you could review my song love creek on my channel, be honest about it, I like criticism

  5. Metallica haters and critics are the biggest metallica fans ever,, they want every metallica album to be the first 4 albums… So keeping that in mind metallica have written this album for its oldschool metallica fans and Black/load-reload fans.. just a little favoring the slow-tempo fans.. but this album is hands down best album after Black album… Hardcore thrash fans wish there could have been atleast one more fast-tempo song.. leaves you unsatisfied !!

  6. this album is going to be in your top 10 of the year :))))) well that's an endorsement lmao i think Lars is ecstatic

  7. Thx for review, I was disappointed you didn't mention Halo on Fire or Confusion, 2 standout tracks for me. Can you comment on them?

  8. Last two months made me realize again why I gave up, 20 years ago, from being a Metallica fan. That is because the whole thing seems to have been transformed in some kind of religion and their fans act like church acolytes. Meanwhile, I though it would be interesting to present some kind of "10 commandments" of The Metallica Church :

    1) If you don't like a Metallica album, you can either kill yourself, shut your mouth or pretend you like it.
    2) If your will is to criticize Metallica, then you are not allowed to voice your opinion.
    3) If the album doesn't sound that good, then it's because you haven't listened to it that much. Your penitence is to listen on repeat until you like it.
    4) Thou shall not compare Metallica albums. It's just pointless because they're all excellent albums.
    5) Thou shall not praise Metallica's thrash metal early albums above all others. i.e: St. Anger and Master of Puppets must be praised as equally excellent albums.
    6) Thou shall not expect Metallica to be a thrash metal band anymore. Therefore, you should not demand thrash metal albums anymore.
    7) Thou shall not say Metallica changed their sound. They evolved their sound.
    8) Thou shall crush any and all Metallica critics. Tell them to shut up, ostracize them and if it doesn't work, call them names or throw them rocks !
    9) Thou shall be indoctrinated in the Metallica's way. Only Metallica acolytes understand music and how music should be heard.
    10) Metallica is Metallica for Metallica, not for the fans and acolytes.

    Thanks to all Metallica fans for their invaluable contributions ! I couldn't have done it without you !

  9. I think its their best album out of their recent… ish ones… But nothing on their old stuff… But it is awesome…I kind of felt the same way as I did when I heard Book Of Souls for the first time… Was suprised and thought yeah this is a great album.. Do prefer Book of souls though being a Maiden fan…Especially like the riffs and James sounds great..

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