Home Movie Review Metropolis (1927) Monster Madness X movie review #16

Metropolis (1927) Monster Madness X movie review #16


Metropolis (1927) Monster Madness X movie review #16
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  1. Frankenstein inspired by a movie???
    Hello? Mary Shelley?! Novel??
    Am I missing something here? Cause' I'm upset :/

  2. Something like 95% of the original cut has been restored. This is one of the most influential movies of all time. There's only the question of what soundtrack you prefer.

  3. I saw this film once in school. I was the only who enjoyed watching it :/ The others just complained and trashed it because they thought it was "too old" and "weird". When I watch an old film I remind myself that film making was a lot more different than today. Unfortunately though I did not see the ending because I had to go to the dentist. But what I did saw I really enjoyed.

  4. When I watched this film, I was disappointed. Don't know why and I still don't to this day and I hate it for its complicated story and I like complicated stories…that and the workers would end up working yet again in the end anyway because the rich get richer and the poor get poorer thanks to the rich. That's why I hate this film…that and the parents forget their children, THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING!?

    Also it was written by a Nazi supporter…and the director moved to America to get away from Germany…and he tried fixing the script…and tried making it perfect…despite the hammy and dumb acting-I see why I hate this film now…

    I'm sorry, It's just my opinion though. I don't mean to make fun of those who do like film, I just want to say I hate this and say why I do.

  5. I love this movie so much. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the movie, other than it was a silent film, and left with a sense of awe.

  6. Isn't a small part of Metropolis missing? It's a partially lost film even though over 90% of it is complete.

  7. I had never seen a silent movie before. I had always been interested in this but afraid it would bore me. Turns out that it didn't bore me at all and it was more entertaining tan many modern movies. Also I love BladeRunner and cyberpunk in general so I had to see what really started it all.

  8. Watched this movie on Netflix. (not sure if it's still on Netflix) But this movie was very ahead of it's time. easily the best Silent Movie!

  9. I love science fiction but Metropolis was a tough watch. I can't really get into the silent age movies… but the set pieces were really amazing.

  10. In terms of story and theme, I was extremely impressed that the ruling class wasn't demonized. Though callous Jon Fredersen isn't portrayed as a villain but a mislead person who needs guidance.

    Good luck finding that today.

  11. When the Complete Metropolis came out they did a screening at the Brooks Museum here in Memphis, my friend and I went and were happy to see the auditorium was packed. It was an amazing experience and the moment the words “The End” appeared on screen, thunderous applause filled the auditorium without skipping a beat. One of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had going to a movie.

  12. I feel like Metropolis also inspired the look of the Cybermen in Doctor Who. The similarities are striking.

  13. after years passing by, Metropolis was very high on my "must watch" movie list.
    yesterday i finally watched it.
    and let me tell, it was a fascinating experience.

    i certainly wouldnt recommend Metropolis to everbody.
    but if you are a fan of science-fiction, or if you are slightly interested in movie making, you should watch it.

  14. I finally watched this movie the other day. I had seen bits of it over the years, and I once rented it on VHS (but I wound up only skimming it), so I thought I had a decent understanding of the plot and story. My reaction to seeing the whole thing? "Boy, did I not see as much of that as I thought." The robot's an asshole!

  15. Ah yes, Zeal from Chrono Trigger. The relationship between the people on the ground, and those who live in the sky is truly… Wait, we're talking about a movie?

  16. As the events of METROPOLIS take place in the year 2026, I am really hoping that the restored version gets a theatrical re-release to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this ground-breaking cinematic classic.  Cinephiles like me would go (RADIO!) GA-GA over the possibility of seeing this fantastic film on the big screen.  Let us hope!

  17. Metropolis is indeed iconic & super influential, but outta the silent films of Fritz Lang, I greatly prefer Die Nibelungen. In my opinion a fantasy flick as epic wasn't made until Peter Jackson's LOTR-trilogy.

  18. Saw it a few years ago in the cathedral of Bordeaux, with an organ player accompanying the projection. That was quite a thing, I tell ye.

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