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Miami Dice 217 – Tak: A Beautiful Game


Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Sam Healey take a look at this new abstract strategy game from Cheapass Games!

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BGG Link: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/197405/tak

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  1. I'm disappointed in this review. It seems you could have done more research. There are deluxe versions that look better. Its meant to be a game that you can travel with, i.e. you don't even need a board. You got rules wrong. I'm happy you liked the game though.

  2. The color grading on this one is a little weird, guys. Really enjoyed the content, tho!

  3. I wonder if the dice tower will do a top ten abstract games. I believe Sam can find 10 games now, Don't you think?

  4. It's so strange to hear you guys referring to 5×5 as "a larger game." The Capstones are essential to making Tak what it is.

  5. in the year of re-release of GIPF series + LYNGK, with Santorini beautifully upscaled by Roxley… I would gladly pass Tak, frankly – it's too expensive for it seems to be.
    let's see if it's still around in a couple of years – if this abstract is worth it, people would continue playing the game in 5, 10 and who knows – maybe in 1000 years from now πŸ™‚
    as for today, I would rather suggest something from GIPF series for more intense experience or Santorini as a family game.

  6. there was more than a slight reference to tak in the books than just what you said. it is indeed pretty known if you read the books. ask anyone who has read the books and I bet you 90% of them would recognize the game by name, which zee's pronunciation is correct btw. I was super excited to see this was on kickstarter but I wouldn't pledge even though the kingkiller chronicles are my favorite books ever! I was literally waiting for you to review it, lol.

  7. The game is actually mentioned quite often in the books over several chapters.

    More importantly though the profits from this game contribute to charity.

  8. You got the entire mechanic of unstacking stacks incorrect! You can ONLY move them in a STRAIGHT LINE while unstacking. I accidentally played it the way you did it onscreen ​once before and it ruined the game.

  9. This vs Santorini? Santorini quickly became my favorite abstract I don't see this dethroning it at all but if I have Santorini is it worth it to get this?

  10. I love the novels. They mention playing the game a few times but that's really it.
    Game looks cool, box is ugly, board could be better; though I think you can play it without a board too.

  11. I'm sad I missed the kickstarter, I simply didn't hear about it. I'd have loved to go all out on a nice wooden board and upgraded components, but I'll settle with the retail version for now.

  12. curious if your review would be different if you read the books. it has a bigger implication in the books than you think.

  13. For what it's worth, I have found this to be a perfect game for taking to restaurants, to play while waiting for the server to take our orders and waiting for the food to arrive. Isn't a table hog. Nothing wants to roll away or blow away. The mechanisms are so new and different, it twists my brain and I want more of it!

  14. On the subject of games featured in TV, movies and books, I'd be interested in trying another Star Trek game: fizzbin.

  15. Almost… the rules state that a stack can only be moved in a straight line, so the explanation of the stack move is flawed πŸ™‚
    Also, the explanation of 3 by 3 is totally off πŸ˜€
    Noboby would make those moves, as there are multiple missed winning moves.

  16. The game really isn't a game on a 3×3 board. It has been solved by a computer at that size. Also, starting at 5×5 the Capstone comes into play and it completely changes the game and adds real strategy to it. The game's strategies will change based on the size of the board, also. Additionally, the stack movement you demonstrated was incorrect – you can only move stacks in a single direction. That completely changes strategy and difficulty of the game.

    Just trying to help. (2016 Tak Open 1st Runner-Up)

  17. Zee, I think the box is a reflection of the game as it relates to the part it played in the story.

  18. I seem to recall a Stephen King novel (the one in a deserted western town with an evil sheriff) where said sheriff just blurts out TAK every so often…. or am I wrong?

  19. Did you play it right though? Because in the game overview you moved stacks in different directions which is incorrect. This changes game play significantly.

  20. More evidence of games not setup/played correctly which brings into question how many times you actually played the game before you review it.

  21. There's importance to the shapes of the pieces. The white pieces are similar to the shape of the money he uses in the book.

  22. The Table seems higher than back at Toms Home. Especially Zee looks like he has the table almost under his armpits. xD
    Also Tom, an advice: Keep your hands at the table. πŸ™‚ From 10:55 to 11:50 we are seing your hands instead of your face. πŸ˜‰
    Other than that great review as usual. πŸ™‚

  23. I think it should be sold like a nice chess set with wooden board that's also the box, i would buy that for sure, this? no way looks awful, I agree with Zee that box is just hidieous

  24. Santorini looks like an amazing game. One thing. How can the publisher sell this game for $50? The build quality looks so incredibly high. For some reason Tak, a game that I'm really enjoying is sold by it's publisher for $55 and it's just a bunch of wood tiles and a rather flimsy cardboard game board. Tak, an incredibly fun game doesn't even come complete for $55. If you want a full 102 wood tile set you need to pay an additional $35 to get the 42 additionally pieces. That's correct, the full game of Tak will run $90 MSRP. But wait, there's more. If you want to upgrade that beautifully illustrated piece of cupped cardboard for a wood game board; you'll have to pay an additional $65 dollars. So, for something that doesn't have the build quality of Santorini, you'll pay $155 to get close but not quite there. Clearly, all of this is just my opinion. Maybe the people that designed Tak don't have the access to the same infrastructure as the people that designed Santorini. Maybe when you make a game based on a hot IP you don't have to worry so much about build quality. I don't get it. I am blown away by how beautiful Santorini looks.

  25. Ive played a 5×5 game with someone with experience with this game before. It lasted a good 2 hours without us being deliberately slow.
    The bots people made for it at the time usually always kicked my ass.

  26. It is actually mentioned a ton in the book and is a huge part of his time at The Maer's Estate

  27. I felt like I got duped buying Tak for the price I did after I opened the box. Let me watch the vid and see what you guys think of it. :watches video: Well ok.

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