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Micromax Funbook Pro review


Micromax has introduced its 10.1-inch ICS tablet in the country for Rs. 9,999, but will it prove to be a good value purchase? Watch in our review.

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  1. I have watched many times this video. But there is no explanation for omission of some features like rear camera, bluetooth and sim slot. even touch response is mediocre. but screen clarity is excellent In sum, Rs. 10000 is somewhat too much, its cost should have been around 8000

  2. I purchased Micromax Funbook Pro 9 months ago.
    1. It has large screen of size 10 inches which is good for reading ebooks and watching movies.
    2. It has mali graphics which means it supports HD videos upto 1080p. So it has hardware support for HD playback. Enjoy watching movies.
    3. 8 GB Internal Memory, 32 GB SD card or flash drive support. I tried bsnl 3G dongle but it doesn't worked. Maybe other dongles are supported.
    4. Good battery backup if maintained by disabling wifi, low brightness.

  3. Now Cons
    1. Single Core 1 GHz processor which is not enough for good performance of tablet. You will feel lag sometimes.
    2. It has android 4.0 which is not as buttery smooth as android 4.1 or 4.2 and no enhancements in the android.
    3. The quality of screen display is average as it has 262K colors support. Pixel density is low.
    4. Average build quality of tablet body.
    5. No SIM support, No bluetooth, No GPS No Back Camera and VGA front camera has average picture quality.

  4. 6. Price approx. Rs 10,000 which is high as it don't have most of the features.
    7. There are display issues while charging. The pin of my charger is unfit or loose, so sometimes it stops charging. Sometimes it reboots itself or is not able to on itself.
    8. Cannot play high end games like Dead Trigger, Commander, and even Temple Run is sometimes laggy on this device.

  5. Final Verdict
    Decision depends on our way of use.
    – It is good for beginners and students – read e-books, browse via wifi only, watching movies, videos, play casual games.
    – It is not for gamers and professionals. It has performance issue thanks to single core 1GHz processor.

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