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Micromax Funbook Review, 4.0 ICS Micromax tablet


Micromax funbook review. You can also find detailed review of Micromax tablet on http://akashtablet.in/micromax-funbook-review-micromax-tablet-specs-and-price/

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  1. price can be reduced further… Now Ubislate 7+ verses Micromax Funbook !!!!!!!! Is USB port available ? Camera is an added feature which isn not available in Ubislate…

  2. Yes we can see more Price down as more tablets enters the market, Ubislate 7+ is too weak as compared to this tablet.

  3. Hello pbbiet,
    Thanks for the video, could you please tell me that how does this tablet behaves when you open a browser, a game and a some app like youtube or facebook and more. I mean, can it handle multitasking?
    Do you have this app?
    I'll be glad if you could help me out.

  4. Micro USB port is present in the tablet which means you can connect USB device with micro USB cable i.e. you have to carry a additional cable

  5. Since the price is down we cant expect performance like Ipad but Micromax has really provided us with a very good performance at this price. Yes it Supports Multitasking.

  6. No SIM card slot is present but you can use external 3G modem to connect to internet. Also a few 3G modem enables you to receive calls and make calls so you can use it for telephony also.

  7. Best tab is NXG xtab a10 8GB mocel in 6.5k
    Actually all tabs are same like DeeVee, xtab, micromax funbook, hcl me with little tweaks like CPU speed.

    they all import tabs from ployer momo9 then original OEM.

    So you just need to decide company with their price.

  8. HCL and other big brands perform well instead of new players because of exhaustive testing and high performance standards, new players may provide better specs but still its how the tab perform in the hand thats important. Many Chinese mobiles promises 8 MP camera at 2-3k but that camera is worst than VGA camera of big brands.

  9. i completely agree with your point higher spec doesnt mean quality untill you test it yourself.
    But all above mentioned tabs are same specs and basically just same in design and hardware just printing is change.
    ployer momo is tab provider to all companies in India,
    There is no difference in quality of hardware whether you purchase from NXG or HCL
    they all are same , big brand just using their name and sell 5.5k thing in 7.5k.

    Yeah Warranty and consumer satisfaction of brand is different story

  10. dear friends iam new user of micromax funbook i can use sim also but i have one dought is this tablet is 3g or 2g when i use internet it runs slowly if it is 3g plz write here how to do settings plzz..

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