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Microsoft Surface area Pro 3 evaluation | Engadget


Most notably, this 3rd-gen device methods up to a more substantial, 12-inch monitor, bringing it in line with modern day Ultrabooks.
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  1. I have a question. ..
    Does this tablet download PDF files and EPUBF files and lets you edit them .
    Such as highlights and note taking?
    Im thinking on getting one but pdf file and epuf are a big feature i need

  2. does it do everything a pc does? like can i download torrents and install itunes and vlc player??

  3. Tons of great technologies bundled together to make a very awkward device.

    PC – not quite up to the standard of a PC as it isn't as comfortable, modular or as powerful
    Laptop – not quite up to the standard of a laptop as it's fragile, expensive, it doesn't sit on your lap and it's harder to repair
    Tablet – not quite up to the standard of a tablet as the powerful processor renders battery life poor and it's huge.

  4. It's such an ugly sound when you say 'p'. It's popping so uglyly, I can't tell. Please take care of it next time.

  5. guys i have some questions before buying it. does it act like a pc? i have adobe light room photoshop after effects google chrome installed on my pc. can i install those software .exe on it ?.

  6. This was absolutely an awesome review and complete dissection of a product. Articulate and purposeful speaking without all the filler "um's" and "uh's". Well done!

  7. So would this be good for a college student? I'm rocking a 6 year-old HP and it sounds like a damn jet plane in a lecture hall…

  8. The customer service and their quality of product are appalling. I have had to go through exchange twice with the last one that came with a crack which could have been caused by the delivery. Now, the crack affected the touch screen capability and they voided all the warranty when i sent it to them. They did not inform me when I specifically requested to be contacted before sending it back to me as is. To make matters worse, I purchased a surface pro 4 and it came in with faulty touch screen capability and I got it refunded it the end because it is unacceptable for such an expensive product to have such poor quality control. It is a very unfortunate incident and I have lost all trust in Microsoft tablet products.

  9. In my company one year down the track there is been a near 100% failure rate. That is, almost everyone has had a catastrophic failure requiring a new tablet, some people are still going on their original, or some are now on their second or third tablet. We had hundreds of employees migrate from a 2009 era HP notebook to this. The failure rate was much higher than the previous HP Business notebook.

    Here are the most commonly seen problems.
    • The black screen of death. When taking the tablet out of sleep mode, the screen flashes, then no longer works at all. Even after fully charging the tablet, doing a hard reset or the “volume+power on for 15 seconds”, it doesn’t get the tablet to work. These tablets need to be exchanged for new ones.
    • Tablet doesn’t re-image properly, even after multiple attempts.
    • Lots of problems trying to load add-on support software like SQL Server express.
    • Cooling fan is on almost all the time and the back of the tablet is quite warm to touch.

    The idea of the device is good however Microsoft REALLY need to work on the reliability, the passive cooling, robustness of this device and the robustness of the operating system in this tablet environment.

    The workload of our IT department has shot up dramatically after this migration due to the very high rate of failures. We no longer consider this to be a serious business device or personal computer but just a toy.

  10. would this tablet be suitable for animation? what kind of art/animation studios is it compatible with?

  11. Is this more like a pc or an ipad?? Cause i want something like a laptop for college. . HELP! ANYONE. THANKS

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