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Mike's Book Reviews: Amazon's Wheel of Time Casts the Two Rivers Crew


Mike gives his initial thoughts on the announced castings for Amazon’s Wheel of Time adaptation for Rand, Perrin, Mat, Nynaeve, and Egwene.

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  1. Rand is too short, happy with the rest. I'm almost 7ft so my judgment of height is a bit biased…

  2. Just found your channel! Great video I definitely hope you continue with some more Wheel of Time Content. Tai’shar Manetheren!

  3. Right now I'm re reading the series. I'm actually on book six. But I'm going to try to imagine these guys in my head as I'm reading. The guy playing Perrin needs to bulk up a bit.

  4. "Egwene stood a few paces from the Wisdom watching intently. Of a height with Nynaeve and the same dark coloring…" Chapter 3 of the Eye of the World

    Spoilers ahead:
    It is HIGHLY LIKELY that the Two Rivers would be a diverse area. The population of the Two Rivers made up of the post trolloc war remnant of Manetheren, a powerful nation that was likely made up of all types of people. The books all but outright state that the Two Rivers is diverse when talking about the ancient blood being strong some of the ta'veren (presumably Matt is object of these comments). This suggests that the Two Rivers is a diverse population with many ethnic groups present that spread the old blood of Manetheren. What's more, tons of people comment that Rand does not look like he's from the Two Rivers… I would imagine it wasn't just because of his red hair.

  5. Yes. Great attitude. The show's happening.

    As for race, EVERYONE IN EMOND'S FIELD (& MANETHEREN) IS DARK. Not a plot problem.

    (Kari was an outlander, so of course Rand looks different.)
    (And perhaps Matt's dad is from Baerlon. There. Done.)

  6. Robert Jordan himself talked about casting his characters for a tv or movie he said he would pick a young Ben Affleck (with red hair) for Rand and other very lily-white actors for the various other roles. https://i.redd.it/u0xamt4bwqc31.png

    but you know subjective value culture that we have, the author's intent does not matter now that he is dead right?

  7. R Jordan Absolutely went into skin tones and such, However the only problem I have with any of the characters is that Marcus Rutherford is way way to slim, he really really needs to hit the juice and start lifting some weights.

    Zoë Robins doesn't look like Nynaeve in that picture, but in some other pictures i've seen she absolutely does, lets see how she looks with a single braid.

    Most importantly from what i've managed to dredge up, they all seem to have serious acting chops.

  8. Two rivers wasn't racially diverse. They were isolated for generations, and racially homogeneous

  9. Would you change the movie SHAFT and cast an ESKIMO MAN as John Shaft in the name of social diversity? How about a Caucasian Man instead or an Asian woman?

  10. Well it looks like I get to play the dissenting voice in this conversation. Here is what I wrote on Daniel Greens channel " While I'm not going to say people don't have those issues like what you described once again you gloss over legitimate concerns other fans have. There is a legitimate concern over the cast choices in both diversity and overall choices. While Jordan was very broad in some of the descriptions in terms of the colorization of the two rivers folk Judkins has really stretched the broad description. Over the past few years we have had "Diversity" shoved down our collective throats like a certain male appendage in an adult flick. People are tired of that and don't want good story telling sacrificed on the alter of an SJW agenda. As a black man I don't want to be pandered to just so some SJW elite can pat themselves on the back and say they struck a blow in favor of racial diversity in movies and TV and say how racially progressive they were while never understanding that while minorities want racial diversity, they want it naturally without giving us sloppy seconds by race swapping popular characters."

    "The other issue is the look themselves. While Jordan was broad in some descriptions he was very specific in other ways. For example Perrin. Perrin was built like a brick shit house. That was a huge part of his character as well as his description and the actor playing him not only looks way too soft and never did a hard days work in his life.He also looks way too stringy. The actor looks like he could barely lift a blacksmiths hammer let alone wield it. That goes for the other actors as well. They all look too pretty and soft. They don't look as if they have ever worked out doors and whatever tan they have (outside of their natural one) is one from a booth than outdoors. Because of how pretty they look I'm afraid it may be too distracting and that WOT may go down the GOT road with things like Sexposition (exposition + sex) as a way of distracting the audience from boring exposition to further the plot or showing all of them in various states of undress just to bring in a young, thirsty audience. There are valid concerns to this and some of Rafe Judkins responses don't put the audience at ease. We want a GOT caliber WOT not a Chronicles of Shanara."

    Now considering they just cast Daniel Henney a very good looking Korean man as Lan Those SJW fears come back to the forefront of my mind. However I also stated in a previous video that I am neutral and willing to give the actors a chance, especially on the heels of Judkins and Harriet and others coming out to at least try to reassure the fans.

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