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Mini Cooper Convertible Review | Consumer Reports


Having a convertible adds another level of fun to the already-entertaining Mini Cooper. Consumer Reports tested the turbo-charged Mini Cooper S convertible. Find out more about the Mini Cooper and other convertibles on our web site http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/convertibles/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. I have a Mini. The buttons are learned quickly. It turns heads.
    Lots of people admire it and strangers ask questions. It gets
    great gas milelage and WOW can it corner. Watch road race
    vids on here against cars that cost twice as much.

  2. @mickeynraleigh Totally agree! That's part of MINI's appeal. It has heritage, fun and its different. Its not the bland boring crap out there *cough* Toyota and Honda. its quirky which adds character. Its for people who like driving or cars. Don't be surprised if Consumer Reports say that. They are on Toyota's payroll, so anything with a heart beat is a no-no.

  3. @rowsdower12 i LOVE my Cooper S (hardtop), but to say Consumer Reports is in the tank is BS. Their complaints were mild and of course don't bring much color to the subjective experience. All in all, a fairly even-handed report by a CONSUMER organization — not a MOTORING ENTHUSIAST's organization.

  4. I have a mini convertible and its quiet inside enough inside. I think he was having a bad day

  5. you know what , this guy changed my opinion in this car i used to think of this car as a good one but i'm soo getting it next month just to tease mr. accountant here and i loved it even more !!! and about the speedometer , it's been like that for the past 25 years (at least ) so … GET OVER IT !!! love the carrrr

  6. oh my. he's the most unfun car reviewer everrrrr! lol if someone wanted practical they wouldnt buy a convertible at all. we want FUN! and SEX APPEAL! 😀

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