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MINI Hatchback 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews


The MINI hatchback is an attractive hatchback that boasts fun handling and a selection of good engines.

Mat gets behind the wheel to give you his verdict.

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  1. Zzz. Another carwow review sneakily reclassified as “2018” in the title but very obviously featuring a 65-plate car (which, for those of you outside the UK, means it was first registered in 2015). how about renaming this channel clickwow? or carbait?

  2. It ain't so mind blowing or anything… But that retro look combined with modern design….. That's something.

  3. A great little car with severe design issues. The goldfish bowl in the center of the dash looks ridiculous. And not only is there no audio system, but the so called Hi-Fi Harmin Kardon in the options is incapable of producing any sound as it comprises only amp and speakers! Sheesh!

  4. I just tried to get rid of one of the "i" popups by blowing at my screen….. Anyone else done this before?

  5. I love the green minis. They are awesome! I love that colour. I like seeing British Racing Green on the thumbnail.

  6. Getting one this week to replace R50; 2016, racing green, white wheels, roof, mirrors and stripes, can’t wait 😊

  7. These “things” just get bigger, bloated and uglier with every release. Style over substance, how the idiots flock to them YUCK!

  8. Had mercs, lexus, 4x4s, even a rover 75 lol, currently driving a ford, but my next car gonna be a mini…

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