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Mini LED Projector Review


Let’s take a look at this pretty cheap projector!
Amazon.com Link.: http://amzn.to/1QX6ieA
Amazon UK Link.: http://amzn.to/1R5IaDr
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  1. Thank you for your reviewing. I just got this one and I didnt know how to use it. Your reviewing was helpful. 🙂

  2. I got this and I downloaded a movie onto a flash drive but when I played it, it played on a smaller screen than the projector was projecting (think of it as a smaller window opened on a monitor screen)

  3. I'm so lost on how to connect this projector to my iPhone 6 please help SOS hahaha

  4. hi can we connect Android mobile directly to it
    and I think "ok " button only on remote there is no option button for ok on projector

  5. how do you operate the sound from the projector itself? i can lower and put higher the volume from the projector, but no sound seems to come out. do i need an external speaker maybe?

  6. i would like to use a beamer for photorealistic painting and therefore need rather small projections.
    It says 20 to 100 inch in diagonal. Does the 20 inch projection really work or do those beamers have a bigger image?

    and do you need to install software on a pc or can you just plug it in?

  7. can you alter the size of the projected image by changing the distance to the wall or does this beamer project fairly large images even with little distance from the wall?

  8. crap dont waste your money on this any screen now needs to be at lest 1280 x 720 native
    cheap lcd projectors are crap as well they will bleach the lcd and go white after a few weeks — the resolution needs the match the source other wise you will not be able to read text on the screen

  9. I bought this, and I loved it right out of the box. No the resolution isn't what your HD TV gets. I only use it in the bedroom at night before going to sleep. I do not have dark enough rooms for any other time. It is a good device. but, it has a fan and that fan pulls in dust and I can not find an easy way to clean the dust off the inside of the lens. So after using this for about a year, it's now projecting the dust on the inside of the lens on the wall too.

  10. Hello I have this same exact projector I was just wondering what speakers are compatible because I have bought a small surround sound speaker and the cables don't work with it and I tried an sux cord and connected 5 different ones to see wich works and none worked ?

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