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Chris Stuckmann assessments Missing River, starring Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Iain De Caestecker, Matt Smith, Eva Mendes, Ben Mendelsohn. Directed by Ryan Gosling.


  1. I really liked Only God Forgives, and enjoy some "arty" movies. And I'm a huge Gosling fan. There were a few fleeting moments in here that were truly griping and captivating, face peeling scene terrified me…it was gross dude. It also looked pretty good. But this movie was a boring, dull, slog. I tried to like it, I couldn't. This movie drags through murky waters of incoherence and pretentiousness at a snails pace. I really didn't like it, which bummed me out. I can see why people like it, but I don't.

  2. I wanted to watch it, but now that I hear there is an animal torture scene I'm having second thoughts. that means an animal or a few were harmed to make the film and that disgusts me. Can someone elaborate or clarify, I don't mind spoilers, I just need to know why the fuck it happened and if it was real.

  3. You're not suppose to like the animal torture scene, that's the whole point.The guy is a real asshole for killing her pet rat.He's the bad guy and you're suppose to hate the bad guy, no other action in this movie causes you to hate him more.

  4. The movie isn't for everyone, it's like a David Lynch movie, odd but interesting.I felt uncomfortable watching this movie and scared to see what was going to happen next with the sex club every time they showed it.

  5. There is no animal "torture" scene. An animal spoiler is killed. And you see it for like two seconds. Btw. I liked the movie. I'd Give it a B.

  6. Just watched it, and it made no sense to me. colors were cool, but honestly had no idea why anything happened.

  7. I think maybe you should watch this one again. Normally I agree with your reviews but this one definitely deserves a re-watch( and possible re-review). It is like deconstructed art house, and personally I believe it works on every level. That being said, it isnt for everyone. But I will say that the way he takes everything I love from those directors that influenced him,(Lynch and Refn most obvious) and puts it in a very digestible form. He even thanks Refn in the credits. The scene with the rat fit the Bully character perfectly. I don't really understand what you were confused about.

  8. Matt Smith plays DOCTOR WHO
    Whovian FANS
    You have no idea what Doctor Who is do you

  9. Just because a scene is offensive doesn't mean it's bad, or negatively affects the film. When Bully kills Rat's pet rat, literally her namesake, it is the reveal of how truly depraved he is. He would kill an innocent animal just to scare and emotionally damage Rat. I feel like this movie is far more simple than most people want to believe. It is basically a Bildungsroman blended with classic fantasy archetypes in a dystopian setting.

  10. No scenes were necessary, it's a super slow wanna be "artsy, indie" film I wouldn't suggest to anyone. The graphic scenes wore way to much and seamed to be simply for shock value, nothing else ? I'm not a fan of unnecessary gore

  11. Animal torture? The scene is not even five seconds long and you don't even see it fully.

  12. I don't think the animal cruelty/ rat killing scene warrants a negative criticism. Do you watch a horror movie and complain about the murder scenes?  You also stress that some parts just don't make sense, but that's what makes it good. That's how real life is. Not everything makes sense. I thought this movie was excellent and very original!

  13. "The movie takes place in a sort of fictionalized version of Detroit, in which the neighborhood and town are decaying" A fictionalized version?

  14. Aha, and I gotta say that I am a huge fan of David Lynch, but comparing Lost River to his masterful and influential work is totally wrong. Yes, I was definitely thinking about Lynch's films while watching Lost River, but all the users on the comments who say this is a Lynch-like film ("The movie isn't for everyone, it's like a David Lynch movie") are diminishing that way Lynch's unforgettable body of work (yes, even Wild At Heart and Lost Highway)…
    So please be careful saying those things…

  15. I believe it is artiscally a good movie and you yourself "said some imagery in the movie effected you on a emotion level" Well this is what movies are about isn't it images which transmogrify the viewer beyond reality into another realm, Yes the movie on a whole does not make sense alot of the times but who cares when you produce imagery with merit and impact the veiwer.

  16. No one knows just how "collaborative" and "fluid" a movie set is, Gosling is there to support everyone with an "abstract" goal. It's a very intuitive experience watching it. Have you guys never tried to find love in an abusive society? Very simple + humble concept.

  17. Chris, this deserves a second watch and a rereview. Honestly I was kind of emotionally impacted by this film and all of the beautiful scenes and music.

  18. I just saw this.. It is almost a sixties acid trip movie lol. I have such conflicting emotions about it, that I'm just sort of sitting here asking myself what the hell I just saw. So I reckon that giving it a "C" is a safe letter.. I'm going to go contemplate my navel right now, and ask God why I exist…

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