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Mistress M road tests internet dating sites for you


Well, we’ve spent a bit of time evaluating viewers’ dating profiles but this week Emma decided to put her money where her mouth is. So to speak. She’s been out there in the trenches actually posting her profile on websites and going on dates. What she has to report isn’t particularly pretty.

Watch and learn, people.

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  1. I use this site called OkCupid, everything is free. Messaging, looking at full profiles. It's pretty good! You can write journals…anything really.

    But horray for being out there. I'm going through a divorce right now, and have no idea how to proceed with dating at all. :/

  2. That's really cool Mistress M, going undercover so to speak.
    I can almost imagine her getting paid to be a consultant for one of those sites.
    great vid you two!

  3. About the emails thing, when i used the dating sites i found the emails to be a bit slow and boring, yes there's obviously a lot of males who just want cybersex and dirty chat and the emails put a stop to that with a block function, but on the flipside an instant messenger just feels more fluid once you get chatting on them, an email just doesn't feel like a conversation.

  4. Ball dresses are the same as wedding dresses. I still have the dress I wore to my college ball. It's my favorate dress and I've only worn it once. Could have worn it twice. Just imagine how much weight you can gain in three years…

  5. Haha, I plan on getting a grand gothic victorian enssemble. Atleast that way I can reuse various pieces for other outfits 😀

    I should conduct some of this 'research' myself. Just to test it's validity ;D

    I also think it's time for me to relocate to the UK, or Russia. All of the studs you mention are always foreign fellows.

  6. Hm… poeple search online because they didnt find anyone around -> there is something wrong with them if they didnt find anything around.
    Sure, there are cool persons, that are doing it for hundred other reasons, but generalisations works for general Im afraid.

  7. Oasis has worked for me so far, I personally like chatting live instead of messages, I find it to hard to stay interested sending messages back and forth, its easier doing it live as you can get a gauge of what people are like in a conversation, a message you can sit around for 20 mins writing up a response or with I.M it puts you on the spot.. well it is my preference anyway.

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