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misuse of data & FAKE hotel reviews By Make My Trip and on HolidayIQ


From buying a small article of Rs. 10 to buying a car, we always check for reviews. Reviews from family, friends, and peers.

It’s a common practice to check for reviews before booking, buying or renting anything.
But are all reviews on website legit, true and are given by an actual person. Can we trust reviews on websites?

This happened to me this Tuesday, 14th Feb 2017.

I got two SMS saying. “Thank you for your reviews” and “check out your reviews”.

Followed by email, when I checked my Gmail inbox. I got two email. mentioning the same thing.

First of all, I don’t have or had created any login for HolidayIQ Website.


Secondly, I have NOT given any reviews on HolidayIQ website.

Thirdly, Has somebody created a login using my credentials? That mean DATA THEFT, misuse of data.

Let me give you some background,

This lead us to Make my trip website.

Yes, we(me and my wife) did stay at that hotel on Jan 2

It was a last min booking done on Make my trip. we were changing the flight from domestic to international, we were landing in Mumbai at around 9 PM 2nd January and our next flight check in was at 3 AM 3rd January. and we had around 5 bags so we did not want to drag it to home and again rush back to the airport to catch the flight. So we decided4 to stay near the airport.

And yes based on feedback on Make My trip website we made the booking.

The hotel was nothing like the feedback at the website says,

The hotel was a shit hole, stinking badly, the bed sheet, towels were not changed since ages. the flush was not working the tap were dripping. I can go on.

This is the real feedback.

We did the book that hotel based on some false reviews at Make My Trip.

And now this.

Then who gave this feedback on HolidayIQ website, who had access to my email id, my phone number. Take a wild guess.

If we look at them closely on reviews given on planet plaza hotel page on HolidayIQ website, you can find most of the feedback have Make my trip mentioned in them, the reviews are almost similar. And all of them have given 7 rating which is the highest rating on HolidayIQ.

Hotel Planet Plaza Page on HolidayIQ:

My name, My email id, My phone number and transaction details were available with Make My trip, as I used Make My trip to book the hotel.

How my data was misused to create a login and giving misleading- False feedback for a hotel on another website?

A website like Make My Trip or HolidayIQ seems to be supporting Fake reviews. I made mistake once I booked Planet Plaza hotel reading Make My trip website reviews.

If you can see Planet Plaza Hotel page at HolidayIQ website, you will find more than 20 feedback for the hotel on the same day. What is HolidayIQ team doing to check fake reviews

I am closing my account in Make My Trip and will never access fake website like HolidayIQ for reviews.

The concern is not only fake reviews it also data theft, who knows how to Make My Trip is using your personal details.

I request you all share to this with family and friends, to make them aware of this ongoing fraud.

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  1. in absence of strict cyber laws, lose individuals will have access to data. It is onus of the company to secure user data… looks like the data is being sold in open market!!

    more like FAKEmyTrip now after this incident

  2. utter nonsense by all these websites to create fake image for public , seriously this is crime, we need to report this to police

  3. They are Frauds . Our trip was cancelled but still no refund .. we tried to contact make my trip but no one is picking up calls

  4. Thanks for making the video. Helped me understand issue of Data protection and liability of data fiduciaries!!

  5. All reviews in make my trip are fake.plz don't believe.They are giving wrong details about the hotel .rate shown against d hotel is also fake.with tax and service charge it will come around 3 times of the offer rate what they HV lured earlier.which is not at all worthy.they are claiming that its not refundable.how can they claim this after giving fake reviews n misleading wrong information. Some legal action must be initiated against this kind of online cheaters.then only every body will fall in line.had very bitter experience. Going to delete that app forever.plz don't believe them

  6. All are bullshits that you are saying….mmt is the best app and supports me very well and if you have made any booking through mmt and if you are facing any problm then mmt support s 100℅

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