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Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review | Consumer Reports


The Outlander Sport is a practical hatchback, but there’s nothing sporty about its acceleration or handling. The all-wheel-drive version gets pricey. Find out more about the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and other SUVs with our free SUV buying guide: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/suvs/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. i think the handling is great, the turn radius just amazes me. No, the engine does kind of suck, but it was never intended to compete with the evo. As far as CVT trans., I just still don't get them, they just bring out the worst of an engine, and can make the driving experience dull at best.

  2. Most people in uk get these type of cars a diesel because of petrol price

    From reviews diesel is much better engine than petrol and gets good real world mpg compared to rivals with the same 0-60

    I followed one of these round a sharp bend in my coupe. The driver didn't seem to have any problems handling & I was shifting & in a much lower car

  3. What a crock of BS review. I sell Mitsubishis and I have RVRs flying off the lot. I do agree they are underpowered, I think they should have used the 2.4 instead, though they did drop the 2.4 from the Lancer for '11,but I personally love everything else about the RVR. The lack of a 5 speed option on anythng other than a base model ES is a little annoying, as I find the 5 speed fun in these. Perhaps a 2.4 Ralliart version should be in the works. That would be a fun little crossover.

  4. Don't listen to paid reviewers! I bought this car after test drive a month ago. Because it has excellent handling, great mpg and of course price tag! Car looks aggressive and sexy. Lack of power? I don't think so. You just have to learn how to use gas pedal on this car. I am loving my car for smooth and comfortable ride. And equipment load vs price tag. If you are shopping around for small CUV please test drive one of this and see it for your self!!!

  5. you gotta review it for what it is, you wanna complain cause its not going 150 mph on the highway and cause its not getting 45 mpg at thesame time, review a small suv along with small suv characteristics, you knothead

  6. Outlander is one of the best handling small suv's you can buy? erm porsche's, Mercede's, BMW's, Volkswagon's, all better then this and more powerful lol

  7. @thedubzcity420 He's not a douche…he's a moron. KBB did a test of the outlander sport on a trip down from SD to cabo. They raved about how comfortable this car was. He says the car has a lot of body roll, but in the video, you see WAY less body roll then other cars in this class.

  8. I test drove the 5 speed version a couple of weeks ago and thought it was plenty quick for an small, inexpensive SUV. (For the record, I ride Sportbikes, I know what fast is) What this guy failed to mention is the ground clearance of this thing: an impressive 8.5 inches. For comparison, a Subaru has just over 7. Transmission was smooth too, not notchy like other inexpensive cars.

  9. You should look at the segment of the market when doing your review! It is so stupid to compare a small cross over with a mid-size SUV and nagging about shortcoming!

  10. Consumer reports is way too picky about noise levels. I've driven the Outlander Sport, and I think the engine noise levels even at high speeds is perfectly acceptable. I also like how the CVT revs the engine up quickly to make the most of its power.

  11. if they hit every feature out of the park this would be double the price if not more,we had this over a year now, not been back to the dealer for anything, to me that makes up for the "flaws" there may be, economy reliability and safety are the top things with 2 kids i consider,he left out that there is 9 airbags, abs, stability control, child locks ALL standard. its not a lancer evo its geared toward the small younger family, it fits perfectly there, i think mitsu did fine on this 1

  12. i own this car and I LOVE IT!!! I know others also who own it, they all love it…
    Not sure why the "critics" dont get it… I do, and this car hits every spot I need it too!
    Boomin Stereo! Sweet NAV!! heated seats!! AWD!!! WOO HAAA!! oh so much more! Also only paid 24000 for it!!! brand new! 6 year bumper to bumper 10 year drive train!!! the competition mostly cant touch this!

  13. As much as car manufactures claim, there isn't much true compact SUV out there. The Outlander Sport is sized right for urban driving situations. If Mitsubishi puts the 2.4L engine, at least as an option, then it would solve some of the slower than expected acceleration experienced.

  14. I have one too and love it dearly. Critics really dog this car but I havent had a single complaint about it over a year of ownership

  15. I also have a 2012 outlander sport. And i sure dont have any complaints. Mitsubishi builds great cars. I have a 2001 mitsubishi mirage never has broke down. everthing on it is original except the AC. 204000 Miles still Running like always.

  16. I won"t trust CR they don"t really know much about cars. They should stick to appliances

  17. I have a 2013 Outlander Sport in the base trim level with a 5 speed. I get 29.5 mpg combined city/highway driving. The acceleration is fine with the manual and I enjoy the grunt sound the little engine makes, not sure why anyone would complain about it. For the price there's a lot that this vehicle offers. Yes some of the competition does offer a better a better vehicle but they cost more. Plus the Outlander Sport has a great 100,000 mile/10 year power train warranty and reliability. Not everyone needs a huge crossover with a engine that gets bad gas mileage. It's a great size and offers a lot.

  18. Also the surfaces that you touch the most (door handles, steering wheel, shifter) feel nice to the touch. The dash looks nice but feels cheap. This is fine with me since I rarely feel up the dash when driving.

  19. I bought a 2013 AWD SE with the premium and appearance packages to replace an '09 Lancer. We gave the Lancer with 80k trouble free miles to my college bound son and we expect the same reliability from the Outlander. I like the styling, gas efficiency, ride, AWD and the panoramic sunroof. As far as acceleration, it's more than enough for my needs and it's way more fun to drive than the Suburban that I traded in for it. My real world gas mileage for the Outlander is 29 mpg on the highway and for my old Suburban, I got a whopping 10 mpg. 

  20. My daughter has the 2015 Outlander Sport and she is crazy about it.  She has the 2.4 liter engine with 4WD and she has no complaints about the performance or pick up.  It has a great sporty exterior and although the interior has plastic it is still a good looking interior.  Why didn't you test drive the 2.4 liter engine by the way???  My husband and I are getting the 2016 Outlander this fall and it will be great to add another reliable Mitsubishi to this Mitsubishi family.  I gave a thumbs down on this review because I felt it sounded biased which Consumer Reports is know to be.

  21. @journey994 Are you stupid or something.  You are comparing a BMW, Mercedes, Volks Wagon in power.  Do you have any idea of the price tag difference?  Get your head out of the clouds.  This is a great CUV and the power is good, especially if you get the 2.4 liter engine.  Mitsubishi gives you more bang for your buck than any other brand.

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