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Mmoga Review – Is Mmoga A Safe And Cheap Seller?


Feel free to check our website comprehensive review: Mmoga review.

Review – Mmoga : A safe Gold Vendor?

MMOGA offers the total service for online games and virtual goods. Mmoga is the biggest European RMT services seller. They got a pretty plain and simple website in English, German and French.

More than 200.000 satisfied customers since 8 years cannot be wrong.
Buy from the best – get you stuff from MMOGA!

Reputation: 6/10

Mmoga got a fair reputation amongst European customers. They are far from the frontrunners in terms of reputation and web visibility.

Website Security: 6/10

The transaction security is ok. Mmoga isn’t the safest website. But their forms and transactions security is fair.

Ingame safety: 7/10

We never got any of our accounts banned when we did test orders with Mmoga. The deliveries are fair.

Should you buy from Mmoga.com?

Is Mmoga a reliable company to buy from? Is Mmoga safe to buy from? Do they have the cheapest prices? How cheap is Mmoga compared to other sellers? All of these questions are answered in Mmoops.com full review.

Mmoga is rated by Mmoops.com amongst all reliable gold sellers. Feel free to compare our top 10 if you want to understand the differences between MMoxe and its competitors.

Reliability 7/10

From their own page:

Since some us of speak German, we read a few pages of their comments and it seemed quite balanced. There are a few late deliveries. Anyway, their weakness seems to be delivery and stocks.

Customer Feedback

Feedback profile of MMOGA

Costumers that gave us positive feedback: 20339
Mmoga Review - Is Mmoga A Safe And Cheap Seller? Costumers that gave us neutral feedback: 584
Image - Mmoga Review - Is Mmoga A Safe And Cheap Seller? Costumers that gave us negative feedback: 0

Whole ratings: 20923

Graphical Illustration (FROM 1.0 T0 6.0)

Shop application:
Customer support:
Order process:
Layout and Design:
Product Information:
Product Illustrations:
Delivery speed:

Transactions: 7/10

The transactions are secure. They are controlled by Mcafee daily. They use SSL protocols.
22.gif - Mmoga Review - Is Mmoga A Safe And Cheap Seller?

Only supporting Paypal, MoneyBookers, Credit cards at the present time.

Ease of Use 5/10

The website is fair. The navigation is ok. Nothing revolutionnary yet.

Delivery 5/10

Most of the time, their ETA is under 8h. They promise:
– under 5min for CDKEys
– under 24h for currency
– under 24h for accounts

Should you read their feedback page (and should you speak German), you would learn that delivery is their weakness. Be careful to jump on their livechat and ask them if they got everything in stock before ordering.

Conclusion: 79/100

Mmoga got a fair website. Their gold service is quite good even though they could improve a lot:

– reliability credentials
– faster delivery
– better looks and featured services

They are serving a lot of games (~30) and offering powerleveling. We will review their powerleveling services in a few days.

Buy from Mmoga

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