Home Car Review Modified Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo///Owners POV…Review

Modified Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo///Owners POV…Review


Soon to be a Cult classic I was lucky enough to spend the day driving this 360bhp Fiat coupe…the review is from the owners point of view so enjoy something a little different….Great car…Great owner…lovely 5 pot sound..


Music credits:

Car Modifications:
Dual friction clutch(semi paddle-Semi organic)
GT28rs .64 trim turbo
Pro alloy Front mount intercooler
FC Performance remap
3″ Turbo back custom exhaust
200 cell sports cat
Blitz SDC-ID3 boost controller
K &N Filter
Walbro 255 fuel pump
3.8 bar fuel pressure regulator
Viper performance hoses

Plus edition wheels
Bilstein Dampers
Eibach springs
Eibach strut brace
Rear strut brace
Mtech brake discs
Standard pads

PIU front/rear bumpers
Plus edition front grille
LE edition side skirts
Rear LED light conversion
Clear side repeaters
HID kit and LED Conversion

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  1. Nice one Warren, like the format. It's similar to something I was looking to do for one of my clubs but i'll tell you more offline at some point ??

  2. Hey Warren, I just saw a photo of this one a day ago on your Instagram page. Never knew of this car before then… and I thought I was A car guy. ?Cool car and the sounds coming out of it are great! Bravo, Jonny! ????

  3. I regret selling my Fiat Coop 20v Turbo. Mine was a W reg 6 speed model in moon grey with plus alloys. 3 gear was immense! This looks a very nice example. Love the 2 tone leather!

  4. Good video.. I like the new format tho to be honest it is lacking the character you added to your previous videos..

  5. Well being totally honest here .. When I was younger I used to laugh everytime I see one of these cars because I was disgusted by the look of them and also never had any knowledge on them ! As i have grown up and so has my taste and these cars appeal to me more so now , but still never would I owne one or want to drive one .. Untill .. Watching this video I never new they had such a nice sound I know this has had exhaust and engine mods but WOW!!! What a sound and cars never look as fast on video and this still shown its potential ! I was interested to watch this video and when getting to the end had a right to be it really suprised me !!
    On top of all that another amazing video bro getting bigger and better as the uploads go by! I expect big things for your Chanel this year brother!
    Take care!

  6. Cracking video. Great cars. Glad to hear Flea tuned. You're in good hands with FC Performance. I don't intend to sell mine anytime soon either. Most people who own Fiat Coupe's and sell them soon regret it and end up buying another one. Thing is, prices are on the up with some good ones (like you'rs) now selling for over £10,000.

  7. Nice vid! Cracking cars, Coupe's, best car I've ever had. I drive a '06 BMW Z4M Coupe now and its neither as fun or fast.

  8. i love my sprinty, mines only running 250ish but my god thats enough still. punches well above its weight, does the owner know what boost these run standard as ive not upped the boost but its boosting aeound 22-26psi…..its not a stuck wastegate is it…. :/

  9. Looks in better shape than mine, which is a standard one in the same colour.  Sounds great too ^^

  10. I like the way you film these videos! the owners perspective is better than JamieFYD's if Im honest! the Coupé Turbo can hit 155MPH which is crazy!

  11. Use to own a blue one, sprayed it white with hubcentrics and bigger wheels.

    really do miss it but it were a money pit.

  12. That is the best sounding Fiat I've ever heard in my life. The grunt is absolutely breathtaking. I love it.

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